top 5 online marketing tools – the way to go.

Top 5 online marketing strategies – the way to go. In a time and age when more and more people are using the online world to search for stuff and ultimately buy stuff, the online marketing strategies has become very important and a must if you want good business. No mater what you are doing out there. If you want to be seen, you have to shout, here I am, com and see what I have to offer.

The good thing is that there is a million strategies that you can use to increase visibility and attract customers to the site, and I am going to show you what to do. If you use this 5 online marketing strategies that I am going to write a little about in this blog post, you are most probably getting success quite fast in the online world.


Create a blog for your business. That’s a quite normal thing nowadays that businesses have their own blogs that they write about what is going on in their business. You can write about anything there. Al from that you have added a new product to your sentiment, up to that your company is aiming for to be listed on the stock market. You will also build a huge trust factor by blogging that is a big factor in online marketing.

Another benefit to blogging is that you can ultimately get people signing up to you mailing lists and send them further to your YouTube canals and other social media that you have. You can also reuse the blog to make a YouTube video out of it. That’s a good benefit threesome it is not so easy to come up with new things al the time. It is easier to reuse things that you have done before on other social media that you are attending to. That’s a short blogging introduction. Now on to the next thing.

Search Engine Optimization

Using SEO in your content can get you very far in the rankings in the search engines. Using SEO will place you higher on the search engine pages and ultimately get you more traffic. You will need to get the right Keywords in action on your page or blog to get this right of cause . This is where Jaaxy comes in to the picture.

Jaaxy is one of the best tools when it comes to the keyword and research. Keyword and competition research is so much easier when you have this tool at hand. Whit the Jaaxy platform you get the most advanced, useful platform in the world for managing keyword, competition and market research.

Search engines drive 10 times more traffic to sites than social media. They also attract quality users that are more likely to buy or use something that you have in store or advertise on your blog. Therefore, SEO optimizing is vital for sending huge amount of traffic to your blog or web shop.

Social Promotion

Social media is one of the ideal strategies for bringing people to your store or homepage. There is around 3 billion active social media users worldwide. Consumers are seeking to engage wit their favorite brands and networks. It is said that one third of the millennials actually prefer to contact or communicate with businesses via social media interaction.

The big thing to growing your business on social media is to pick the correct social media platform, where you have a big audience that is very active. You need to establish a stable presence on the major networks, but it is vital that you put in the most efforts at the sites that will give the best returns.

As the world’s larges social media network, Facebook is the best place to start. It is a huge network with millions up on millions of users, so there is a huge audience for you to build up your own audience from and grow your business further. Start by making a business page on Facebook should be a priority for all new businesses.

Video Marketing

Videos is a good way to capture the attention of the viewers and get them to take action. They give your content authenticity and give people the chance to experience the personality of the brand you are selling or promoting. The more people can relate to the brand, the more they will connect with you. Video marketing builds trust in a fast manner.

Videos is a good way to tell your story in a fast way, demonstrating stuff, and answering questions that has been asked. You can also give solutions to problems that have come up around the business. Live videos on Facebook live and Instagram stories are generating huge engagement on social media thees days.

If you want to accelerate your brands visibility and bring your sites up to another level you should consider video marketing to be your next step in getting your business to the next level. You only have to get familiar with having your face on the big screen.

Re targeting Ads

Re targeting is a paid way where you place a tracking code on the website that will set a tracking cookie on the visitors’ browser. The result is that the content of your ads will follow the visitor wherever they go on the internet.

70% of the visitors’ on your site will never return, but using re targeting will keep your site or brand in top of their minds to drive them back to you again. It is very effective to boost awareness about the brand and increase opportunities for leads and sales.

You need to have a budget the allows regular running of re targeting ads that promote traffic generation.

Final thoughts

s marketing is the way to go nowadays if you want to connect with your audience, and attract potential customers or your content. Each of thees strategies will help you to generate traffic to your site and will help you start building a brand online.

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