Today is another day

Good morning or what ever it is in your part of the world.

Today is Satureday 4 aprill 2020 and it is time to start the day. 10:20 is maby e litle late, but it is Saturday, so I dont care. Today I starting to write on a new blog, and I hope it is ready for publishing when the evening comes.

I started to get some coments here during the night, so thats a big success for me right now theresome it othervize  going a litle bit slow in my business right now. Probably I will se it rising if I continue puting out posts here.

Now it is time for breakfast and then of to the gym for some training.


Training is a good way to think about stuff and come up with new things. How you can make things better, what to write about in your next post, new affliliate programs to review an so one.

Today during my wery hard training session I came to the conclusion that I have to get more active on the Wealthy Affiliate site. If you are active there, you get things back in return, like site coments and opinions about your site, so you can change it around and get better results.

Now I need to eat something to fill up the energy that I used up during training. That is wery important for muscle growth, but that is an other page and post.

Working part time as an Affiliate Marketer

Working part time as a Affiliate Marketer can be challenging some times, and then it is good to have some automation going. For example in the Aweber email marketing platform there is the opportunity to automaticaly send out a email every time you write a new blogpost in WordPress.

That is very handy and will spare you much time infront of the computer.

In Wealthy Affiliate you can automate the welcome posts/emails that you send to your new refferals, and the continous emails after tahat.

The day ends

And the day end with a glas of wine and a moose filet in the owen. The only way it could be better is if I had shot the moose myself, and I had someone to enjoy it with, but it is hard to find in thees Corona times.

Hope everyone is safe and keep healthy.

Best Regards

Fredrik Lindqvist

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