The Reinvest24

I have just started investing on Reinvest24 4 months ago with 100€ a month, with is not much in the short run. I only made 4,60€ in profit, but if you look at it in a longer perspective like 25 years, if you reinvest the profits you earn and ad 100€ every month, your account can be almost 400.000€ big, and have a cash flow of over 4000€ a month.

After 25 years I will be in pension, therefore I se it more like a pension investment than an investment for shorter time.

Of cause where I live we have to pay 30% tax on investment gains, so that I have to take in to account when I calculate the earnings, but it is still a considerable amount of money.

If you then think that you can start put in more every month because of better salary or something like that, it can start going against really big amounts of money.

For example if you start with 100€ and then ad 500€ every month, your portfolio size could be 1,350.000 minus 30% tax, after 25 years. That’s not so shabby I think.

Of cause there is no guarantees when you deal with investments, but I think that the real-estate market is the most reliable one for doing investments in.

If you want to take a look at my review of Reinvest24 you can follow the link bellow



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