The Corona virus impact on the global economy.

The Corona virus impact on the global economy is massive. Just a week ago my stocks and shares was up 20%. Now they are down almost 20%, and the downward spiral is far from over. This can be a major problem if you have invested money that you do not really afford.

As son as you shall invest in something, the first you should think about is, do I really afford this. If you se a good investment you should always look in to your wallet and se how much do I afford to lose if it kicks you in the ass.

Never put all your money in to the same investment either. Always spread the risk trough a verity of stocks, founds, and shares, and try to have equally much in every place.

Many people se a good investment and put all in on that one. That is not a good idea there some you don’t have anything else to lean on if that one starts to go bad. It’s always best to have something to lean on if something happens.

How much of your salary should be invested.

The common rule of thumb is that you should save at least 10% of your income. You don’t need to save it in an account. You can invest it in stocks and other investments. Of course, it is better if you can save more money, but it is not necessary. The more you save the more you will end up with in the long run.

You can of cause also invest less than 10% if you feel that you don’t have the money to go to 10%. It will of cause give you less in the end, but it is better than nothing, so do what you can do, and if you further down the road feel like you can invest more you do that.

The important thing is that you don’t invest more than you afford. Then you can end up in real financial rubble if the market drops.

Therefore the 10% mark is a good goal to try to make. You have 90% of your salary left to use for bills and rents and food, and I think that is quite adequate number for everyone, if you don’t have a massive house loan or something in that region.


It is always important to diversify your investments. It is therefore I try to have a big verity of different investments. I try to build up a portfolio of stocks. 15 to 20 different companies is a good rule of thumb. Then I have 2 different shares that I put in money to every month. Then I also promote some affiliate programs on internet.

There is a million different investment opportunities that you can get in to. There is the normal ones that you see every day. Stocks, shares, bonds, real estate, and then you have the more unknown ones like: deposits in small finance banks, tax-free bonds and tax saving bonds, opportunity funds FMPs and MIPs, REITS and InvITs.

You can also invest in affiliate programs online like Wealthy Affiliate and/or Legendary Marketer. Thees are programs that gives you a share of their income every time you refer a sale to them trough your special affiliate links. Of cause there is much more work for you with thees program, but the benefits will show after a while. It’s not a get rich overnight program, but that is the same with stocks and shares. It can take many years to get any result from it.


You shall not be in a hurry if you are in to thees kind of markets. It’s a long term deal that will make you financially free when you go to pension. You can of cause do day trading, but that involves a much bigger risk of loosing money in the end. You need to be a really good trader to make any money out of that. I have tried a few times, but it is nothing for me.

I rather do the longtime thing with my stocks and shares, and get the short time thing with affiliate marketing. When I get the affiliate marketing going properly, I have a feeling that the word of mouth will help it along.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing like Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer is a good complement and can in a time be your only income source to build your stocks and shares from. It will take a time to get them going, sometimes many years before you get any profit from it, but when it starts it will come in a steady stream, and in a few years you can have an own company going with good growth potential.

These two programs is also a terrific start to the affiliate marketing. They teach you everything you need to know about the business and more. It is also not expensive to start if you go for the beginners course. There will be a link lower down that you can click and go and check them out yourself. There is also links in the text to my reviews about the programs.


So to summarize everything. You should have both long and short term investments. Diversify trough many sectors and if we talk stocks, make sure that you have in at least 15 different companies. Then you have spread the risk quite well and you can sleep well during night.

The affiliate marketing will take some time to set up and get going, but when it is up and running it will be quite self going, and you will not have to do so much more than set up an advertising campaign a little bit now and then. That’s the beauty of the affiliate marketing. You need to work really hard for about one year, but then when it starts going you do not need to do so much about it.

That’s about it for me this time.

Of cause if you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below.

Legendary Marketer

Wealthy Affiliate

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