SiteRubix Review: Build A Free WordPress Website In 70 Seconds

If your ever hoped of making money online, there is one thing your need to have and that is: YOUR OWN WEBSITE.

This is the SiteRubix review. A site builder that allows your to start your own website, with absolutely no limitations, in just 70 seconds.

This is a WordPress based website builder that will help your to do everything with your website, whether it is your private website, your company website or someone else s website.

Even this review is written in SiteRubix content manager.

Soon your will se why I am so happy about finding this phenomenal site builder and why your also should use it for your next project or company website.

What your need to know about SiteRubix

  • Price: Free
  • Features: Absolutely everything your need to build your website

  • Training: A massive amount of training included

  • Value for money: 100% worth it


  • Free fully functional WordPress site (if your want your own domain name it will cost a small sum)

  • No hidden costs

  • No hosting fees

  • Your site is Yours forever

  • Free site building course included


How to start a website with SiteRubix

It is easy. You just go to the link a bow, or the link under. Then your choose your domain name and pres submit.

The problem thees days is that many of the domain names is already bought up, but then it is good that the SiteRubix domains have the extension Then it is much more possible that the site name that your want is free.


How to pick a name for your website

As mentioned a bow it is just to put in your desired domain name before and check if it is free.

If it is not free your need to modify your domain name a little. As your se on my domain name it is not correctly spelled just because of that. On the other hand I have bought a .com domain and there your have much, much more competition with the domain names.

Internet is a fires business to get in to, but with some tips and trix your can succeed.

Click on the picture below to se a video about how to start with SiteRubix

Why Should You Choose SiteRubix

So now when your have seen how easy it is, let me tell your a few reasons why your should choose SiteRubix in front of other programs.

It Runs On WordPress

As mentioned before SiteRubix runs on WordPress that i believe is the best Content Management System out there.

Everyone uses WordPress and it has earned its place as the number one website builder.

What back in the days could cost your $5000 is today totally free.

It is Powered By Wealthy Affiliate

An other big benefit to SiteRubix is that it is powered by Wealthy Affiliate. An affiliate program that learns your how to build websites that can make your money in the end.

Their extensive amount of online classes that learns your how to build a profitable homepage and how to do content management is of the charts, and has helped me a lot along the way.

All this giving me the confidence to continue using the SiteRubix site builder and continue making great sites.

You Have Full Controll Over Your Website

Unlike other site builders SiteRubix gives your full control over your website.

Other site builders like Wix also gives your a free website, but they keep control over it and the content.

They for example put up their own banners on your site, which essentially means that they make money of your content.

With SiteRubix this is not happening. No mentioning that this is a free website, and if there are any banners, it is banners that your have put there yourself.

The Site Will Be Yours Forever

Since it is a free website your can keep it forever. (No credit card on file is needed) Your site will remain free forever, as long as your don’t upgrade it to a .com or .net site.

If your want to close down your site your either delete it or never log on to it again. Of cause if your never log on to it again it will still be on the web.

No Hidden Costs

When I say No Hidden Costs I actually mean that. It is 100% free.

  • No monthly subscription
  • No hidden fees
  • No second year high prizes

No Hosting Fees

With SiteRubix your also gets free hosting.

Nowadays the hosting fee can be up to $100 for a site in a normal hosting company. That your don’t have here.

When your are using SiteRubix servers, your never have to pay for nothing.

SiteRubix Sites Will Get Ranked On Google

There i no question about that. There is many SiteRubix sites that have 4-5-6000 visitors per month, so your will not be without traffic if your put out content a little now and then.

So yes. You will get traffic, and very much traffic also if your work hard don it.

You Get 24/7 Support With Your Site

You can when ever your want ask questions to the support about whatever problems your have.

  • Problems
  • Issues with plugin

  • Something is missfiring

SiteRubix has a dedicated support team that does the out most to get all your questions and problems answered and solved in time.

The average response time from the support team is about 3 minutes, and that is quite impressive don’t your think.

You Get Free Tools To Build Out Your Website

  • A free keyword tool to help your find the best keywords
  • A site content tool that helps your build the perfect website

  • Free training on how to build a successful website

You can give it a try by clicking the link below


You Get To Learn How To Make Money With Your Website

With every SiteRubix website your also get a free Wealthy Affiliate starter account, where your will get access to two different training courses that will learn your:

  • How to build your free WordPress website
  • How to add pages

  • How to ad posts

  • How to “index” your website with Google (for more traffic)

  • How to connect your site with tools such as Google analytics

  • How to make money with your website

Of cause your do not have to go through all these training s, but if your want to make your site to a business success i strongly recommend it.

Remember that all of this is actually 100% FREE

And If You Do Not Want The SiteRubix extension.

One thing needs to be said.

If your want to build out your website to be a successful business, your will need to buy your own website (NOT A FREE ONE)

A SiteRubix site is only for beginners to test things out and make trials, but further down the road i wold recommend your get your own site and hosting.

If your decide to drop the SiteRubix domain, your will need to buy on own. They are typically around $15.

You also need to get hosting for around $100 a year, but with the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership free hosting is included.

How To Transfer A SiteRubix Site To Your Own Domain

Click on the picture below to get to a video that explains exactly how to do.

If your do exactly as said in the video, your will be up and running i no time.

So Who Is SiteRubix For

Last I want to give your a look in to who this site builder is for.

Beginner Site Builders:

Many thinks that to build a website is too hard and too advanced for them. The truth is that it isn’t. If your use SiteRubix your will get a nice looking site up and running in 70 seconds even as a beginner.

Beginner Affiliate Marketers:

Newbies in the affiliate marketing business can also benefit from this, to test out stuff, and try the waters a bit, and then go over and purchase an own website.

Threesome SiteRubix sites ranks very well on Google it can go very fast upwards if your are going in the right direction.

Local Businesses:

Local businesses that wants a website can also use SiteRubix to build their website.

The good thing about SiteRubix sites is that it comes with free training on how to promote your website locally with local SEO.

Anyone That Needs A Website:

The good thing is that anyone can use it.

If your need a quick website your just go to SiteRubix and set one up.

Final Words

Thanks for stopping by and reading my review on SiteRubix.

I hope this has helped your to get started and build your first website.

If your want to start building your first site right now, click the link below.


See how I make money with affiliate marketing by clicking the picture below.

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