SFI – A multi-million dollar scam. I went in to

SFI – A multi-million dollar scam.

I went in to the SFI affiliate program thinking that this can be something new for me, but it isn’t. It is just a program that is trying to scam you out of money. I will never recommend anyone to subscribe to this.

How it works

The SFI affiliate system is like all other affiliate systems. You sign up for free. They say it’s for free, and it is until you are

inside it. Then you have to get together 1500 points to get to a higher level of affiliate. It works fine the first month you are in it when you have many tasks to complete that you can earn points from.

The months after that you will have to start buying the points from their own online store, TripleClicks.com to keep your status.

You se. Every month you will start over from zero and earn your way up. You will keep your points from last month, but you will need to earn 1500 new points every month to keep your status.

How you are supposed to do it

First you will be told to complete daily and weekly tasks to earn Versa Points that will lead you to better rankings. The problem with this is that your second month there is not so many tasks to do so you need to start to buy VP and that’s only building up the founder’s money instead of yours. The second thing you are told to do is to try to get your family and friends to join the scheme.

That wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t a pyramid scheme. Here already you can see that this is not a business like they advertise. It is a pyramid scheme, and you are just “investing” valuable money that you could have used to start a real internet business. Pyramid schemes are also illegal, and mostly you lose more than you win on them.


There are numerous complaints about people that has been thrown out of the program for no good reason. As soon as you start making some money, they seem to find a reason to throw you out or cut down on the commissions. That is not how normal companies do and it is nothing that should be left alone. If you have a problem with this in the SFI affiliate system you should file a complaint directly


If you want to earn money in a way that is normal and is not a pyramid scheme you should at least not go to SFI. They just try to get money from you in any way they can.

If you want a real affiliate program, you should check out this review: Wealthy Affiliate

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