My start at the Legendary Marketer – A pricey experience

My start at the Legendary Marketer has been a pricey experience, but you also learn a lot from there. It always starts with a free experience in these program’s, but to get further in the training you will always have to pay.

I have tried to find a cheaper way to doe it, but everything actually comes back to Wealthy Affiliate. In Wealthy Affiliate there is not so many extra buy ins that you have to do to continue the training, and if there is any, they certainly not cost $2500 and upwards.

With that being said, Legendary Marketer is a really good program, if you have the money to spend on it. You need to be willing to spend upwards of $5000 plus advertising money to get anywhere with it. It’s not really the best idea to start that way if you are on a tight budget.

Then you are better of starting with the Wealthy Affiliate and we you have the business up and running you can jump in to Legendary Marketer to learn about Affiliate Marketing on a deeper scale.

Beginning the Legendary Experience.

When I, started in Legendary Marketer back in end of May I did not know what to expect. I just saw a huge opportunity in front of me, that I could not resist.

The promise of earning big money will always pull in people from al over the world, and I was one of them.

I started my Free learning by going trough the courses and I came to course No:5. Then I could not go any further before I had contacted my personal adviser that I had been assigned. The personal adviser had to unlock more courses for me.

I contacted the person, and the next 3 courses out of 15 was unlocked. I also got a link to a video with the founder of Legendary Marketer (Dave Sharpe) that was very informative, and in the end there was a special offer that I also dived in to.

The special offer was online courses and classes for $25.000 that I now got offered to me for only $2500, and if I manage to get 12 paying referrals in 24 months I get the $2500 back.

I thought that was a good deal, not knowing how hard it is to get referrals and how much advertising money it’s going to cost me.

Started to promote Legendary Marketer

When I, had bought in to the program I got access to the affiliate program, and I immediately started to go trough the affiliate course, and there was exact step by step videos about how to set up everything, Clickfunnels, AWeber, how to make your own thank you video for your opt in funnel and so on.

Al pages were ready to use, only thing I had to do was changing names and contact information. There was also a ready-made 25 – 30 emails long follow up series that is only to upload to AWeber, and change a title bit so it suited me.

When I, had uploaded this to the famous internet it was time to start advertise.

I found the course that showed me how to set up a Facebook ads campaign, and started to go about that. I found out that it wasn’t so hard to get that up and running, but if I wanted to get anywhere with it I had to spend some money. I might have overdone it a bit, because I saw my savings account go smaller and smaller, and there was not result, so I stopped it after a few months, and now I’m back writing at Wealthy Affiliate again.

Wealthy Affiliate – The less expensive way

Now when I’m back at Wealthy Affiliate I feel that this is a much safer way to go if you have limited founds to spend. I’m certainly not prepared to start taking loans to start advertising on internet for the moment, and that’s what they say is a good idea in Legendary Marketer (many successful people have started their businesses with other peoples money).

I’m not prepared to go that route to get were I want to go with this. An extra income on the side. If you go full company style, and go at it that way, it might be the way to go but if you want a loan for starting a business you also have to prove to the bank that your business is a winning concept, and you need to have a solid business plan to show.

I can’t do that threesome I don’t have any previous experience in this business.

Therefore, I came back to Wealthy Affiliate and start writing blogs again. I only pay 1 membership fee every month of $49, or $359 for yearly plus fees for sites, ant that’s affordable for me.

The thing is

The thing is that Legendary Marketers basic membership is only $33 a month, but then you have to spend a lot more to actually get somewhere.

In Wealthy affiliate you spend $49 a month, but then you don’t have to spend anything else if you don’t want and you have access to everything that they have to offer.

It is quite easy mathematics for me at least, that doesn’t have so much extra money to spend. I go for basic now on Legendary Marketer and I have full membership on Wealthy Affiliate, and I try to promote both program’s trough my blog. That’s as far as I’m willing to go at the moment.


If you have a lot of extra money to spend, and don’t have to turn every dime to get by, Legendary Marketer can be a choice for you, but if you are limited on founds Wealthy Affiliate is the best bet.

After I have tried Legendary Marketer I went back to Wealthy, and I’m happy with that decision. The money it takes to keep promoting Legendary is not worth it for me at the moment, but may bee it will be in the future.

Please if you have any questions. Put them in the comments section below, and I will try to answer them as fast as possible.

Brgds. Fredrik

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