Legeendary Marketer – The review.

Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer I would say is one of the best Affiliate Programs out there, for selling High Ticket products and services. You will learn everything you need to know about sales funnels, email marketing, building email lists, set up a landing page in click funnels, building email lists in Awebber, how to make a good sales video and making Facebook ads that converts.


An affiliate program that learns you how to make money online with automated systems, and also learns you how to make money of own products.

Company: Legendary Marketer

Creator: Dave Sharpe

Cost: $30 monthly to $30.000 + upsells

Rating: 7/10

Legendary Marketer System

The creator Dave Sharpe has taken his 10 years of experience in the Affiliate Marketing business and made a training course out of it.

He has as mentioned been many years in the business, and he has been part of another affiliate/MLM businesses in the past called Empower Network. This was another network selling high ticket marketing products.

He later left the program before it went bankrupt.

So now he has started a new program (Legendary Marketer), and this is surely a better program than the Empower Network was.

Your own personal coach

When you first start the program you are almost immediately told to book a
talk with your personal coach. I think that is good, because it shows that they care about you, and they want you to succeed.

The coach is usually someone that has been many years in the Affiliate business and knows everything there is to know about the subject. They are usually very experienced and successful in the business them self and have worked for Legendary Marketer many years.

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The training

The training consists of videos where you get shown step by step how to do. How to set up your business account on Facebook. How to create good ads on Facebook. How to build the perfect sales funnel page in ClickFunnels and how to set up the Awebber email autoresponder with 35 ready made sales email that gets automatically sent out every day to your email subscribers.

There is also much more training videos that goes more deeply in to the
subject of for example Facebook ads.

Their main goal is to get you up and running in a good way, so you can start earning money. The main thing to remember is that THIS IS NOT A GET RICH FAST program. You will have to work hard to get anywhere. You have to be seen on social media. You have to put out ads on Facebook, and it will come times that you probably start wonder if it’s going to work, but if you stay in it it will deliver.

Compensation Plan

So lets take a look at the compensation plan.

In order to get commissions from the products, you either have to buy the product your self first or refer 3 sales of the product.

For example if you are a $30 member of the program, you are actually not earning anything from sales of higher level products before you have referred 3 sales of that product.

So if one of your referrals buys a $2500 or $5000 product you will have to pas up on those referral compensations. Only after you have referred 3 sales you will start earning commissions.

The problem with this is that you actually not own the product that you are referring until you have bought it yourself, and it’s going to cost you a lot of advertising money for those 3 sales that you get nothing for.

So if you have only $30 every month to spend it’s probably a waste of time and money to participate.

You will need another $200 to $300 for advertising to get it running.


Here is the commissions for the products you can advertise.

  1. Legendary Marketers Club $30 monthly – $18 Commission
  2. Traffic Roledex Bundle $247 – $98,80 Commission
  3. Affiliate Marketing Business BluePrint $2500 – $1000 Commission
  4. Digital Products Business BluePrint $2500 – $1000 Commission
  5. Coaching & Consulting Business BluePrint $2500 – $1000 Commission
  6. Legendary Lifestyle Experience $30.000 – $12.000 Commission

Som nice big commissions to collect here.

The only thing is that you will have to pay for traffic, and get the ads out to the proper audience with big pockets of money.

Facebook post is not going to work, because there is a million other people doing the exact same thing.

Legendary Marketer Pros & Cons

So now it’s time for the Pros & Cons.

Pros (Good stuff)

Cons (Bad stuff)

  • The levels after entry is very expensive
  • You can only earn commissions on levels that you have bought in to
  • The advertising costs to get anywhere is minimum $100 a month
  • Coaches have to unlock levels in the program before you can continue


Legendary Marketer joins in, in a log row of other Learn While you Earn programs pointed to affiliate marketing.

The big question is. Do you really need to spend thousands of dollars to learn affiliate marketing?

Sometimes it is frustrating to try to start an affiliate marketing business. The thing is that in all affiliate programs, there is a huge failure rate. Even in the best programs there is.

So paying more doesn’t always mean that you have success with marketing.

Personally I’m happy that I have stayed in it, but only on the entry level. I’m learning so much stuff that I have not found anywhere else, But if you are searching for an alternative to Legendary Marketer, you should tale a look at my favorite affiliate program here.

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