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It is a smart move to always have the best keyword tool at hand.

They will surely push you ahead of the competition.

Finding the best keywords is the foundation of search engine optimization (SEO).

In my Jaaxy review, you will learn why the Jaaxy keyword tool is the absolute best on the market right now.

When it comes to making a normal website to a moneymaking machine, Jaaxy is the best tool you can get hold of.

This review will show you both the good and the bad things about the program, and it will also show you that this program by far has more pros than cons.

In no time, you will figure out if Jaaxy is for you or not.

What Jaaxy Is

Jaaxy is a keyword finder tool that helps you to effortlessly find niche keywords and test your sites search engine ranking.

Jaaxy can help you out if you start a totally new niche site, or if you search a keyword for your next smashing blog post.

Jaaxy collects search data from the three major engines — Google, Bing and Yahoo — and displays it in a simplified manner.

Unlike Google Keyword Planner which is a tool geared for AdWords advertisers, Jaaxy puts the search data in such a way that keyword freaks like you and me easily can gather information from it.

It provides information about keyword competition and lots of other useful stuff.

As we know, bloggers write for people and not for search engines, but it does not hurt if you find the right keywords so your site gets ranked high. That usually means more people that visits.

That’s why every blogger should do keyword research every day.

What Jaaxy Is Not

You will be wrong if you think that Jaaxy will give you the ready-made perfect ready to go keywords.

No keyword tool is able to do that.

If they were, life would be much easier.

Or maybe not.

Then every keyword tool would give out the same perfect keywords to people.

This would turn the perfect keywords into trash in seconds, and there would be a fear’s competition on the web.

Instead of giving you the keywords on a silver plate, Jaaxy gives you some powerful tools that makes the keyword search easier, but not effortless.

What Jaaxy Is Really For

Jaaxy is very great for a lot of things. These and many more are included:

  • Showing you high traffic almost undiscovered niches
  • Finding keywords with low competition that will get you high rankings fast
  • Learning how much competition you have with a specific keyword
  • Knowing the traffic volume you can expect from a specific keyword
  • Brainstorming new words and ideas
  • Building project to do lists
  • Unveiling metrics for your keywords that helps you boost the SEO
  • Saving your keywords in different lists and organize after topic
  • Helping you decide if a niche is good or bad
  • Searching new domain names, buying, and selling them
  • Knowing what on the web is popular and the trends right now
  • Taking advantage of Google’s Instant Alphabet Soup technique automatically
  • Discovering affiliate programs for your niche and keywords
  • Figuring out if there is money to be made in a specific nice
  • Check your site and post rankings.

And very much more.


What Are Jaaxy’s Pros

Jaaxy is a powerful tool with lots of very good features, among them is:

  • No learning curve. Just to start
  • Very user-friendly and easy to use
  • Seriously fast
  • Very on point data
  • No extra fluff. Only the things you need
  • It’s an online application, so you can use it on any computer, laptop, phone or tablet
  • You do not need to install or download something
  • There is no software so there is no cost for buying software (see Jaaxy’s pricing plans further down)
  • Updates/upgrades are done behind the scene so you are always having the latest version
  • It can help you find good keywords for advertising on any advertising platform
  • Revolutionary in finding high traffic keywords with low competition
  • Gets data directly from Google, Bing and Yahoo and combines it with its own data
  • Uses a hub of powerful servers on the backstage to calculate its results in seconds
  • Has good training material available
  • There’s a fast and reliable support
  • Useful for all levels of internet marketers, domain flippers and other online business people.


What Are Jaaxy’s Cons

Like all tools, there is room for improvement .

The best part is that the Jaaxy always trying to improve the program to get it better.

Let’s look on a few of the cons:

  • It’s not possible to select if you are searching for a global or local keyword
  • There is no language option
  • The lowest pricing plan can be too high for those who just have started in the business
  • Some features you will not be using at all.

Who is Jaaxy For

Jaaxy is for all levels of expertise that has to do with web income.

So who can benefit from Jaaxy:

  • People searching for niche’s
  • Article writers
  • Freelance writers
  • Pro bloggers
  • Domain flippers
  • Site flippers
  • Online / Pay Per Click advertisers
  • YouTube marketers
  • SEO companies
  • People who want to ‘spy’ on their competitors
  • Viral-news website owners looking for new trends to leverage
  • Internet marketers wanting to know how high their sites and posts are ranking on the SERPs
  • Local marketers
  • Local businesses
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Email marketers wanting to find hot topics to discuss with their subscribers.

Who Owns/Founded Jaaxy

is owned and founded by the same two guys that founded and owns the Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson.

They’ve took their long and extensive career in online business and created a tool that is very good and have many areas of use.

Jaaxy is actually the only keyword tool they use them selves for they’r blogs and pages.

How Good Is Jaaxy’s Support/Training

Jaaxy has a very fast and reliable support team, that is ready to answer all your questions.

You can always expect a good answer from them in a nice and polite manner.

The training is ofcaurse Cyle and Carson’s side.

They are known from the Wealthy Affiliate, and Wealthy Affiliate’s extensive training program.

So training is top-notch too on Jaaxy with helpful videos and lots of quality information about the inner workings of this amazing tool.


How Much Does Jaaxy Cost

There is one free pricing plan and two paid pricing plans on Jaaxy.

Here are their differences:

Free Plan (Price: $0)

It’s a great opportunity for you to test out how Jaaxy works, what it is and to see if it is something you would be willing to pay a monthly fee for.

It offers you 30 search queries of any kind (Keywords, Alphabet Soup, Search Analysis and Affiliate Programs).

Pro Plan (Price: $49/month)

The Pro plan has everything you need to start your keyword research quest.

It was designed for people new to internet marketing, but I think more experienced internet marketers can also benefit from this plan (as long as they aren’t working on tons of sites at the same time — see the Enterprise plan for that need).

For $49 a month you’ll get:

  • 3 times faster research (compared to the free plan)
  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • QSR Keyword competition (on demand — just one to retrieve it)
  • Domain availability (on demand)
  • SEO Power analysis
  • Site/Post Rankings
  • Keyword lists
  • Brainstorm feature
  • To-do lists
  • 2 simultaneous search tabs option
  • ‘Spy’ your competitors analysis.

Enterprise Plan (Price: $99/month)

If you’re looking for even more power, extra features and willing to take things up to a completely different level, the Enterprise Plan might be the right option for you.

It was crafted for more advanced internet marketers who need to compile huge lists of keywords for their own / customers’ blogs and websites.

It has all the Pro plan features and even more:

  • Works 5 times faster than the free plan (if Jaaxy was already fast, it just got even faster, which reduces research time by a LOT)
  • Gives you instant competition analysis
  • Shows instant domain availability information
  • Data sorting is now available
  • You can have up to 5 tabbed searches
  • The Alphabet Soup search shows up to 50 results instead of just 15
  • And it even has a few extra features available.

Conclusion & Verdict

Based on the research I did on Jaaxy to write this review and from my experience using it, I can safely say it works for many reasons.

  • It’s a reliable online keyword tool.
  • It’s super easy to use and fun to work with.
  • It shows you detailed information about your keyword competition.
  • And it is really fast.

Jaaxy was created and is maintained by the same team who owns and founded Wealthy Affiliate, which is an extra credit when it comes to trusting in what you’re going to get.

So my final verdict couldn’t be more positive.

Jaaxy is not just a topnotch online keyword tool, it is the best one out there in its field.

So why don’t you… click here and try Jaaxy for FREE?!




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