Tuesday 14.05.2019 – The side business called Wealthy Affiliate

Tuesday 14.05.2019

This is what I have done today. I am trying to keep my self occupied al the time, because otherwise I go very restless. The goal is to write something on my blogs every day now until the 20th of May, so I’m going to be quiet busy trying to fit in the training another stuff in to this as well.

1000 words a day is going to be a tall order for me with my dyslexia and everything, but I will manage because I do not want to fail in the Super Affiliate Challenge 2019. 12 blog post in a month is the minimum, and try to perfect the Wealthy Affiliate review that I have under reviews in the main menu.

It is nice weather outside today, so I probably aim for to do something outside also. You can’t forget your friends only because you are a little busy.

Wealthy Affiliate

I was sitting a few hours this morning and made my Wealthy Affiliate review done and over with. Ofcause there will be changes during the road, bu the mane frame of 1500 words is done. I even sat so long that I missed my training class that I had booked, but I went later instead. That’s no big deal. It’s more important to get this done right now.

I also managed to write the beginning of today’s post and that is a good thing, because then I got started on something, and now I have to finish it before I go to bed tonight. If I want to write a post every day, that is how it has to go. Up in the morning and get it started, and then continue during the day. There are no excuses to being lazy right now when I have fallen behind in the Super Affiliate Challenge. Just work hard and hope it gives something back in the future.


The training that I do is Crossfit. I also have some custom-made program from my sister that owns the crossfit gym tat I’m going to. I have had back problems in the past, so I’m trying to correct that, and its working good for the moment. Still little aces here and there, but I was to an osteopath yesterday, and he put my chassis back in alignment, so now it feels even better.

Crossfit is a cool sport. You constantly push your limits a little further and makes stuff that you did not think was possible. It’s the same with online business. You may think tat this is not working, and then you get surprised when it comes together and start working and bringing in money to your wallet. You should never underestimate anything. Things tat you never thought you could master is suddenly possible with a little of training and coaching from other people around you, and of cause some taps on the back when you have done it.

Spend time with friends and family

You can’t forget your friends in all this meyham. You have to remember that they are there and go and visit them or go for a coffee, or when the weather is nice you might go and take a beer or a drink on some nice outdoor place. Es

pecially when I work like I do. 5 weeks on and 5 weeks of at sea, its important to make some time with your friends and family.

My family I visited last Sunday when it was mothers day. We had a nice brunch and talked al kinds of stuff. My sister of cause talked mostly business stuff concerning her gym business. Me on the other hand was talking mostly about my gains in her gym, and about my chili plants that someone else has to take care about when I go on board for work again. It’s hard to keep something growing when you are away for 4-6 weeks at the time.

Course studies going on

I have two courses I have to finish this year. One is now on Thursday and it is the exam for motorcycle license. I have got some login codes to an online test program that I can sit and take over and over again. I have been driving car for 20 years so I thought I knew the traffic regulations, but it doesn’t seem so when I try the test. It is all the time something that I’m failing on.

The other thing I study for is pilots exemption exam for Zeebrugge harbor and approach. This is going to be an even harder task to manage. It is a million things to remember and calculate. You have to calculate currents and water levels. When is high and low water on a specific day. Where is the reporting points, different buoys and their light characters, dangerous wrecks and shallow waters. The differens between the open sea traffic rules and the Belgian inshore traffic rules, and much more.

Wealthy Affiliate

And now I’m ending the day by finishing this post about my day. Probably I will be up a little longer. I have got stuck in YouTube. Clips where people do stupid things. It’s a good way to end the day on a not so serious note. Sometimes I watch some training videos as well. It’s nice to only sit down and se other people do stuff instead of me.

When I have written this 1000 words I have 6 posts. I am then at the half-way mark to write 12 posts to 20.5. If I manage this task it will be a huge success for me, and it shows that I’m not so bad at writing as I think I am. That will then show that everything is possible even if you are not the best writer. Everybody can write. It will not be the best grammar always, but that’s what the grammar control is there for.

So if you have any questions or comments, post them in the comments section below.

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