I’m now 3 months in to the wealthy affiliate

I’m now 3 months in to the wealthy affiliate and it starts to roll on in a good pace. It’s a good feeling to know that others have your back if you do not know something or have to ask a question about how to do something.

The main goal is to get a small extra income so I can do something extra ones and a wile, but you never know. It can grow in to a full time business in a few years I’m lucky.

The thing with Wealthy Affiliate is that you always have to be willing to learn. You are never fully educated in this online marketing and affiliate business. Therefore you should never try to say that “I know everything about this”. The online environment are constantly changing, and that’s what makes it so exiting to work with.

60 page views

Yesterday I had 60 page wives on my 2 sites together. That’s a record by miles. I only use free marketing like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook to market my sites, and that what makes it so good. If you get a nice bunch of followers on those sites, you will get followers on your sites also, by posting your blogs on those sites.

The main goal for me is always to write a post on one of my sites, and then post it on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. I always have a very hard time to come up with text to writ on my sites, but lately I have been on a roll with the writing, so for the moment I’m powering on at a steady pace.

Sold a site for 30.000$

This morning I went in to the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard and saw a blog post that a fellow member had written. He said that he had sold one of his websites that he started 6 months ago for 30.000$. That’s a quiet serious amount of money for a 6 months old website.

It’s like this. If you can make your website to make 3000$ a month for more than 6 months in a row, you can sell it for 100.000$. But that’s if you want to sell it.

You can also build a few more websites with niche content that makes 3000$ a month, and you suddenly have a full time income and more than that. That’s one of the formulas. Work hard every day, and it will pay of in the end. Always focus on 1 thing, and don’t start doing multiple things at the same time.

40.000$ in 4 hours.

I also read a blog on the Wealthy affiliate homepage about one that earned 40.000$ in 4 hours. That’s a considerable amount of money in that short time frame.

He had not done it with Wealthy affiliate, but with the skills he had learned from Wealthy affiliate. That shows that Wealthy affiliate certainly not is a scam. It works for everyone if you are willing to put some time and effort in to it.

He had made a training course about how to do affiliate marketing in Mandarin. He sold it for 199,50$ and got over 200 students to participate. That shows that people really are interested in this kind of work from home business all over the world.

Not easy

It’s not an easy task to do this. You have to write quality content to your websites each and every day, and put out reviews for products with affiliate links to for example Amazon or some other big affiliate companies that are well known and gives you a good profit.

Your main goal is always to put out the best content on your sites. It shall not be any half hearted attempt to do this. Your reviews shall be up to date and prices correct. You will have to be on your affiliate pages constantly to make sure that you have everything up to date according to their selling price and other stuff in the review.

The one thing that I think is hard is to write from my own point of view . You are mostly writing about stuff that you have never used before, and then its hard to write something proper about it. You have some guidance in the product descriptions and other peoples reviews, but to get it ranked in Google it has to be unique, so there is a small hump I have to get over.


Work hard, put in some hours, and it will pay of in the end. It’s the same thing whatever you are doing. If you use this mentality it will pay of in the end.

There is a whole world of people out there with computers and internet that are eager to buy stuff, work from home, start their own business, and that’s where you come in. If you are interested in Wealthy affiliate I strongly suggest that you visit their site at wealthyaffiliate.com

And of cause as usual. Make sure to visit my sites. Make a comment, buy something or start your own online business.

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