Im back again – and i will try to keep up the work

I’m back again, and I will try to keep up the work. I will now only try to concentrate on this site instead of trying to manage two sites at the same time.

Now when I have opted in to the WA super affiliate 1 year course I have to putt all my work in to one site instead of two.

The other reason why I put the other site on hold is that I have not made any referrals to Amazon so my subscription is going to be terminated. That’s how it goes. If you don’t make any referrals during 6 months, your account will be ended.

Of cause if they give you an account, they want you to provide some traffic, otherwise you are not making any sales for them. That starts to make sense for me now when I think about it.

Wait 6 months

Seriously, you should wait at least 6 months before you start any affiliation with any sales market company. You need followers and subscribers and traffic to your site before you can start advertise stuff on your site for other companies.

If you don’t get any traffic to your site it will not make any traffic to the company that you are advertising for and that’s not what they are searching for. You will need to put out good articles and blog posts and some reviews about their products and services so people go over to their homepage and buy stuff from them.

Of cause this is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate. They want you to stay and learn along the way to success, and refer some new affiliates during the way to there. Here you will learn that its not an earn money fast business with affiliate marketing. It can take everything from 6 months to a year to se any result from it. It of cause depends on how much you work and how many articles, blog posts and reviews you put out every month.

Hard work

Do not expect that this is an easy job that gives you instant money. It is far from that. You constantly have to come up with new ideas to write about. The coming up with something to write is not the hardest part, but it can sometimes be quite hard to get at least 1000 words out of it.

+1000 words is one of the key to get faster ranked on google. Nice pictures and a text that is original and can’t be found on any other site is also a key to success. No copy paste from other pages if you want to be high ranked on google and other search engines.

You also need good pictures in your text to get the readers to really like it. Good pictures you can find for free in the site content editor in Wealthy Affiliate. It’s inside the program and can be found under Websites in the side menu.

The easiest way

The easiest way to start earning some extra income is actually to join the Wealthy Affiliate and start and get premium membership. Then you can start the affiliate boot camp and start setting up your website with blog and reviews and everything by going trough steps that you have to follow during the course.

The boot camp training you can find under the Training section in the sidebar menu when you log on to Wealthy Affiliate. If you are not a premium member you will be told to get a premium before you can start whit the boot camp. When you get in to the boot camp training program the first week of tasks will be to start up your first website and buy your own domain name for it.

That’s right. You will need to spend some money to earn even more money. That shouldn’t be any surprise for anyone. That is a fact and If you are not willing to spend that small amount of money, you will not start earning anything either.

Other stuff to do

Unfortunately this is not the only thing I have to do on a daily business . I also do some studies now to get some extra degrees, and I have a small garden to take care of. I also train crossfit almost every day and try to cycle at least 1 hour every day that I don’t train. The schedule is full when I am home from my ordinary work, but that’s how I like it to be.

At my ordinary work at sea I work from 8 in the morning to about 8 in the evening, so it is not so much time for other things. I can work on writing maybe 1 hour every evening, but that should be enough if you aim for 12 articles every 30 days or so.

At work I have about the same schedule as at home with training and that, except for that I don’t have any garden there, and I don’t have to cook my own food. The chef is making good food for us so the training has to be there to not gain too much weight.


If you put your ass in to it you can whit some extra hours at evenings make an extra income. If it goes very well you can even quit your normal job and only have affiliate marketing as your income, but it will take about 1-2 years before you get that far so don’t jump out of your normal day to day quite yet. You need to get it up and running first and then when you earn enough and you have scaled it up to the next level you maybe can start thinking about quitting your job.

Do not do the same thing that I have don over and over again and say this doesn’t work when you don’t get anything out of it after one month. It will take time and you will struggle with it some times, but if you dig in and do the homework you will be rewarded after a while.

The best way to accomplish the goal is to go and register with Walthy Affiliate. There you get all information you need and more.

Here is a link to the wealthy affiliate review that I have written a while ago. It is not long, but it will be more text to it in the future. It’s a review in constant work.

Wealthy affiliate review

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