How to write interesting articles – The question everybody asks

How to write interesting content. That’s a good question that’s not so easy to answer. You need to have a captivating text tat everybody can read whit out any problems. That means, short paragraphs, the background should preferably be white and the text black. Interesting pictures should be added so its not only text. It gets boring to read if there is no pictures that cuts of the text a little bit now and then.

Text is good, but too much text can be hard to read for anyone. Around 1000 words for a blog post is quite normal and doable for anyone to read. For a page it will be from 1000 to 3000 words for a good writing, with good paragraphing and pictures in between the paragraphs.

It should also be at least 5 headlines that says what you are going to write about next.

Coming up with ideas

It is not so easy to come up with ideas. It preferably has to be something unique that no one else has written about before, and the text has to be unique.

One way to come up with good headlines is to go to Google and type in the word you want to write about, and then you start writing in A and se what Google suggests. Then you type in B and se again what Google suggests for that. The alphabetic method, if you want a name on it.

Then when you have your words, you can go to the Jaaxy research tool in Wealthy Affiliate and further investigate those words.

Jaaxy is a really good tool for this because it will show you more variants of a specific headline and the competition you have on the search engines for the specific headline or keyword. That’s a good thing there some you want low competition, but something that people search for relatively often. That’s one of the keys to success.

Good content

Good content is not always so easy to come up with, but if you really write about something you care about it shouldn’t be a big problem. If you for example like gardening, it shouldn’t be a problem to write a whole novel about how to do gardening, when to grow certain plants, how much water they need, what kind of fertilizer, different flower pots and so on .

When you take a topic for your website it is also important to see if there is any opportunity to make any money based on the topic you have taken. Search on Amazon for stuff that is related to the topic that you can advertise on your site. You have to remember that if you are in the affiliate marketing business the main goal for the site is to make money, and money you only make if you write good quality content that people are coming to your site to read and get information from.

No good content, no good income. That’s the reality.

Add pictures

You also need to have some good pictures to add to your posts. There is a good feature in the Wealthy Affiliate website builder section, under site content. When you write your content there is in the menu bare over the content writer a button that says image. There you can upload your own pictures or take one of the 1 million free pictures that you can download from there to your page.

It is also important that you put in a picture that is relevant to the text that you have written. It will look very weird if you put a picture there that’s not fit in with the text. It is like you taking one thing and showing a totally different thing. It can get very confusing and is not good for the business at all.

A good picture is almost half of the message and that’s how you should treat it, or sometimes they say that a picture says more than thousand words, and that’s probably true.

Updating your posts

You don’t have to write perfect the first time. There is always room for improvement in everything, and that’s how it should be. Nothing will be immediately perfect. It is a good thing that you can go in afterwards and edit and change and add stuff to your content. It would not be so nice if you write something wrong or miss informative and then you can’t go in and change it afterwards.

The difference in Wealthy Affiliate is that you can’t go in trough site content and change it. You have to log in to WordPress and change it that way. You can log in to WordPress also via the Wealthy Affiliate platform on the side menu, Websites, Sitemanager tab. Then you log in there, and you get straight in to the WordPress menu where you can go in to your posts and change them.

One good thing when you log in to WordPress from the site manager tab is that you have the password already in the system, so you don’t have to remember it.


Writing is not so hard if you put your ass in to it. The hardest part is to come up with something to write about, but you can write about anything, absolutely what you want. of course if you want to earn some money out of your writing it has to be something interesting, but you can do anything interesting if you really want.

There is so many niches out there that you can take advantage from. You can build a profitable web page from absolutely anything. It is only the imagination that sets limits to what you can achieve in your online business adventure. How to squeeze out some good stuff to write about is whole other thing, but that you will learn how to do in the Wealthy Affiliate courses.

The main thing is that you think it is a fun project on the side to write some blog posts, and make some content. It doesn’t have to be perfect directly. You can change it along the way.

If you have any questions, write them in the comments section below and I will answer ass son as I can.

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