Good morningladys and gentlemen

Good morning ladys and gentlemen. It is a long time since I have ben here writing now, but it has to be a change to that.

First i have to take a cup of coffe and for that I use my new coffe mashine that I have bought.

It is a Melitta Caffeo Solo that is an al in one with grinder built in. It makes supriseingly good coffe for such a simple mashine. Link to Amazon if you click on the picture below.

Extremely bussy

For the last year I have been extremely bussy trying to get all my certifficates up to date for my day to day work. I have been studying almost every day, but I made it. I now have an Pilots Exemtion Number for Zeebrugge, Belgium, and I managed to get myself an Dutch captains licence.

Now It feels like there is nothing I cant accomplish if I put my head in to it, and that is what I`m going to ride on with this affiliate marketing business also.

If I go for it for one year and make posts consistently, I will succeed, and that is what you should do also.

Consistency is the key

The key to success in the blogg/webpage affiliate business is consistecy. You need to post bloggs and/or rewievs of products and services each and every day to get the stuff rolling in the right direction. It does not go by it self. For example; I have not had time now for almost a year to do anything with this site, and it has not gon anywhere.

I have got some more followers on my facebook page, but I have not made any posts there. I bet there should be many more followers if I would have done something there.

Dont start too many things at the same time

I always have had the problem that I start to many things at the same time. I start this and that and then it becomes too much to handle.

Start with one thing and make it work before you start working on the next project, I think is a good way of going about it. Dont start building homepages and Youtube channels and forex trading and online shops at the same time. You will find your self in a mess that you cant handle in the end.

That is exactly what I did, and on topp of that I had my studdies.

So what is the conclusion of this

Start your morning at a nice and easy tempo. Brew your self a cup of coffee and think about what you wat to accomplish today.

Dont think that it ia a make money fast thing you are starting up.

Dont start too many things at the same time.

And ofcause, have fun with it.

If you want to follow me on Facebook or Instagram, here under you have the links to my pages. See you next time, and remember. Take it in your own pace.

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