Building on it again.

Its time to start writing. Writing almost every day is the key to traffic. Consistency is everything in affiliate marketing, and that means that you have to post, post and post.

It is not easy when you also have a normal job, and you do not have to write every day, but most of the days in the week is beneficial, if search engines shall see that it is an active page.

Just for me it will be hard to get something out on Mondays now when I am on work, but every other day there is time enough to write something to keep it running.

I will try to get my YouTube page up and running again soon as well. It is a little hard, because I`m not very good at being on camera, but I guess it is learning by doing with that also, as many other things in life.

The thing with my YouTube page is that I had some stuff there, but then I thought it was stupid, so I took all clips away and wanted to start over with it. But for some reason it never happened. There is the same as with blogs and homepages.

You have to be posting content all the time to get views.

So in the end, all this comes back to one thing. Consistency and never give up.

And one other thing. Don’t do like me and start the affiliate journey, and then be away for a few years. Keep on working all the time, and it will be profitable.

And look trough my page and check if you find something interesting.


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