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Building your own business is what you ultimately want if you found this page. Many people have that goal, so you are not alone in the business jungle out there. The online business is a very nice place to be in if you have the time to invest in it. Especially the blogging world and the affiliate marketing business, where you have to write blogs and reviews about products all the time to get traffic to your site.

It will take time to write thees articles every evening, day or morning but if you want to invest the time to do that there are huge rewards in sight. It might not come directly. It actually can take up to one year before your site get a proper amount of traffic, but when visitors start to come in you will get results.

How to start

The absolute easiest way to start is to go to a site called Wealthy Affiliate and create a free account. There you will get a step by step course about how to get started in affiliate marketing. You there have a 50 class course system that takes you trough all the aspects of affiliate marketing and how its done properly. You also have the whole affiliate community there that can help you trough the problematic bits. Its only to ask a question in the forum or chat.

There you can also pay a membership fee of $19 for the first month and after that it is $49 every month for further membership. I think that is well worth the money when you think about how much you can earn when you get it up and running. You can also pay a yearly fee of $359 and save $229 yearly. That’s a bargain for a program that learns you everything there is about earning money out of affiliate marketing.

Sett a goal

To set up a goal is always a very important thing when you start. It is the same with everything, even if it is small baby goals in the beginning. You can always build on those goals later when you reach them. It is always better to set up small goals in the beginning there some they are much easier to achieve. If you put your goals too high the case might be that you give up when you don’t reach them quick enough.

Start with the goal to get your website up and running, then you can go for your first 12 blog posts. After that its time for your first product review and it continues with your first referrals and your first earnings. After that you can start setting money goals. Here is where you should not go too high in the beginning. If you don’t get there fast enough then you might lose the momentum you have achieved during the start, and you have to start building up your confidence again.

Build an audience

To build an audience, you need something of value for people.

Readers will follow you because you write something that gives them something. When I talk about giving, do you write something that is worth something for your audience.

  • Do you solve a problem
  • Do you give away something for free

That’s two things you can do to gain an audience.

For example if you write about cold weather. No one wants to read about cold weather. That’s a fact that I can tell you, but if you write about how to survive the most cold weather in the world, you have suddenly gave value to your cold weather post, and you will actually get people to stay and read your post.

One good thing to do is to put your self in the readers shoos. Read trough the text and think trough it. Is this a captivating text. Have I written for my self or someone else.

The text needs to bring in people to read it. Ideally it should be like: “I read the best text yesterday, you should also read it”.

So captivateing stories is the best thing if you want to bring in a big audience.

Invest some money

You actually can start up a business without money, but after a while you need to start advertising, and it is then you need to start spending some money, mostly on payed advertising

Payed advertising is the thing that will boost your business to another level.

When you start with payed advertising you need to make sure that you get the most out of your invested money. There are some tips and trix that I will show you in a further blog, and probably also in a YouTube video further down the road.

One thing is for sure. You need to get in more money than you spend on the advertising if you want to get anywhere with it.

I use to cal it the $100 for $80 method, but widely known it is called something else. I have written about that in my blog post:

How to Have an Unlimited Marketing Budget – That’s the question

Earn some money

When you are up and running, and everything is going smoothly, you soon will start to see some small amounts of money rolling in. It can take from a few months all up to a year or a year and a half for it to start working.

The only thing that you have to remember is that you have to be patient. Nothing comes easy. It will take time and effort to get it up and running, and it can also get to the point where you want to give up, and you think that this is not working and it is a scam.

The thing you need to know is that it is not. Many, many people earn some extra income or their full income on affiliate marketing.

You can also do that. The income potential is endless. Everything from $10 up to $30, $40, $50.000 a month for the best ones out there.


To start your own business online is not easy, but you can earn some serious money if you master it. By far the easiest way to get started is to go to Wealthy Affiliate and start a free trial training account.

There they will show you everything you need to know about making  money with affiliate marketing, building websites and advertising.

Under here I will link to the review I have done on Wealthy Affiliate, so you can read about it.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

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