Being your own boss – working from home

Being your own boss, working from your home office is a very good thing these days when we have the Covid virus hanging around every corner.

I work on board a ship that does not go tho the country (Finland) that I live in. We sail between Belgium and England, so I have to fly every time I go to work.

That is a risk I take every time I go to work. I fly there and back 6 times a year, with one plane change and a hotel stay, and that is about 24 different flights every year. It is a big risk of infection.

The good thing is that the airline company I use has a compulsory face mask policy on al their flights, and the company I work for supply us with face masks and sanitation liquids for the travel.

Work from home

Working from home does not really work when you are having a job navigating and loading a ship. It may be something coming up in the future, but I think that has still a long way to go.

It is a much safer way of working if you could work from home, and that’s what I`m trying to get started with. I have two programs that I`m currently working with, and those I´m going to list down under so you also can take a look.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a well-known affiliate program that has the most comprehensive information about affiliate marketing. There are courses, blogs, chat function and online seminars that you can attend to get information, and ask questions about how you should do certain things, and it is constantly updated according to how the online search engines behave and how people are searching in the search engines.

The good thing with Wealthy Affiliate is that you can register for free, and you can start your Online Entrepreneurs Certification (OEC) for free. There is not many programs that do that, so I strongly recommend you to start that journey if you in the future want to work from home, and be your own boss.

Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is also a well-known affiliate course program that has a free starter course that you can attend. It will cost you about the same if you go for the monthly membership, so it is no big costs involved here.

This affiliate learning database is built up with short education films about how you should go about the affiliate business.

The only thing that is not good with this one is that you have to continue up the ladder by purchaising the next level one wards and upwards. If you want to cash in when one of your referrals is buying one of the next levels, you also have to had purchased this level before him.

That’s why I am a title bit skeptical to this one, but if you manage to climb the ladder, you may cash in some big money.

So what do I reccomend

I recommend that you first start with the Wealthy Affiliate and learn the trade. Then if you want to build up your business you can continue and start working with Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is much more expensive in the end, and you have to have built up a good bank account to start with all advertising that is involved with it.

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