Today is another day

Good morning or what ever it is in your part of the world.

Today is Satureday 4 aprill 2020 and it is time to start the day. 10:20 is maby e litle late, but it is Saturday, so I dont care. Today I starting to write on a new blog, and I hope it is ready for publishing when the evening comes.

I started to get some coments here during the night, so thats a big success for me right now theresome it othervize  going a litle bit slow in my business right now. Probably I will se it rising if I continue puting out posts here.

Now it is time for breakfast and then of to the gym for some training.


Training is a good way to think about stuff and come up with new things. How you can make things better, what to write about in your next post, new affliliate programs to review an so one.

Today during my wery hard training session I came to the conclusion that I have to get more active on the Wealthy Affiliate site. If you are active there, you get things back in return, like site coments and opinions about your site, so you can change it around and get better results.

Now I need to eat something to fill up the energy that I used up during training. That is wery important for muscle growth, but that is an other page and post.

Working part time as an Affiliate Marketer

Working part time as a Affiliate Marketer can be challenging some times, and then it is good to have some automation going. For example in the Aweber email marketing platform there is the opportunity to automaticaly send out a email every time you write a new blogpost in WordPress.

That is very handy and will spare you much time infront of the computer.

In Wealthy Affiliate you can automate the welcome posts/emails that you send to your new refferals, and the continous emails after tahat.

The day ends

And the day end with a glas of wine and a moose filet in the owen. The only way it could be better is if I had shot the moose myself, and I had someone to enjoy it with, but it is hard to find in thees Corona times.

Hope everyone is safe and keep healthy.

Best Regards

Fredrik Lindqvist

Dealing with two jobs


Dealing with two jobs can be hard some times, especially in thees times, when it can be that you only have one job soon.

My full time job is at sea, and now I am on vacation. When I went home on vacation, there was no restrictions on travel, but now there is. Whit that being said, I don’t know when I can go back to work, or if I actually have a work to go to when this Corona situation is over.

Therefore I try to be a little more active on the blog now and put out some more awesome blog posts and reviews of different affiliate programs out there.

I just uploaded a new review about Aweber, and you should go and read it if you are interested in getting a good email marketing platform for your business.

The online business is also making stiff competition right now. I use Wealthy Affiliate to manage tees pages and make new content almost every day, but it is not easy to keep up with the flow.

Things that worked good half a year ago is not a good idea anymore and the ads that I put out is not going anywhere. You can get clicks, but no conversions. Good damn Corona!!

I also studying a little bit charts and navigational rules for a pilots exam that I am going to take in the beginning of the autumn this year, if the situation is better then.

I hope so because this thing can mean a raise i salary for me.

The only thing is that it is really boring to read law and regulation texts. I like the chart thing, with putting out buoys and other marks on a totally empty chart. I have a quite good picture memory, so that is no problem for me.

Now it is back to the law books and chart again.

If you have any questions, you can write them in the comments section below.

Stay safe and see you soon again.



Build Your Own Business – The Freedom You Always Wanted

Building your own business is what you ultimately want if you found this page. Many people have that goal, so you are not alone in the business jungle out there. The online business is a very nice place to be in if you have the time to invest in it. Especially the blogging world and the affiliate marketing business, where you have to write blogs and reviews about products all the time to get traffic to your site.

It will take time to write thees articles every evening, day or morning but if you want to invest the time to do that there are huge rewards in sight. It might not come directly. It actually can take up to one year before your site get a proper amount of traffic, but when visitors start to come in you will get results.

How to start

The absolute easiest way to start is to go to a site called Wealthy Affiliate and create a free account. There you will get a step by step course about how to get started in affiliate marketing. You there have a 50 class course system that takes you trough all the aspects of affiliate marketing and how its done properly. You also have the whole affiliate community there that can help you trough the problematic bits. Its only to ask a question in the forum or chat.

There you can also pay a membership fee of $19 for the first month and after that it is $49 every month for further membership. I think that is well worth the money when you think about how much you can earn when you get it up and running. You can also pay a yearly fee of $359 and save $229 yearly. That’s a bargain for a program that learns you everything there is about earning money out of affiliate marketing.

Sett a goal

To set up a goal is always a very important thing when you start. It is the same with everything, even if it is small baby goals in the beginning. You can always build on those goals later when you reach them. It is always better to set up small goals in the beginning there some they are much easier to achieve. If you put your goals too high the case might be that you give up when you don’t reach them quick enough.

Start with the goal to get your website up and running, then you can go for your first 12 blog posts. After that its time for your first product review and it continues with your first referrals and your first earnings. After that you can start setting money goals. Here is where you should not go too high in the beginning. If you don’t get there fast enough then you might lose the momentum you have achieved during the start, and you have to start building up your confidence again.

Build an audience

To build an audience, you need something of value for people.

Readers will follow you because you write something that gives them something. When I talk about giving, do you write something that is worth something for your audience.

  • Do you solve a problem
  • Do you give away something for free

That’s two things you can do to gain an audience.

For example if you write about cold weather. No one wants to read about cold weather. That’s a fact that I can tell you, but if you write about how to survive the most cold weather in the world, you have suddenly gave value to your cold weather post, and you will actually get people to stay and read your post.

One good thing to do is to put your self in the readers shoos. Read trough the text and think trough it. Is this a captivating text. Have I written for my self or someone else.

The text needs to bring in people to read it. Ideally it should be like: “I read the best text yesterday, you should also read it”.

So captivateing stories is the best thing if you want to bring in a big audience.

Invest some money

You actually can start up a business without money, but after a while you need to start advertising, and it is then you need to start spending some money, mostly on payed advertising

Payed advertising is the thing that will boost your business to another level.

When you start with payed advertising you need to make sure that you get the most out of your invested money. There are some tips and trix that I will show you in a further blog, and probably also in a YouTube video further down the road.

One thing is for sure. You need to get in more money than you spend on the advertising if you want to get anywhere with it.

I use to cal it the $100 for $80 method, but widely known it is called something else. I have written about that in my blog post:

How to Have an Unlimited Marketing Budget – That’s the question

Earn some money

When you are up and running, and everything is going smoothly, you soon will start to see some small amounts of money rolling in. It can take from a few months all up to a year or a year and a half for it to start working.

The only thing that you have to remember is that you have to be patient. Nothing comes easy. It will take time and effort to get it up and running, and it can also get to the point where you want to give up, and you think that this is not working and it is a scam.

The thing you need to know is that it is not. Many, many people earn some extra income or their full income on affiliate marketing.

You can also do that. The income potential is endless. Everything from $10 up to $30, $40, $50.000 a month for the best ones out there.


To start your own business online is not easy, but you can earn some serious money if you master it. By far the easiest way to get started is to go to Wealthy Affiliate and start a free trial training account.

There they will show you everything you need to know about making  money with affiliate marketing, building websites and advertising.

Under here I will link to the review I have done on Wealthy Affiliate, so you can read about it.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

How to Have an Unlimited Marketing Budget – Thats the question

How to Have an Unlimited Marketing Budget – Thats the question. 

When spending money on marketing one of the following three things will occur:

  1. Your marketing fails (you make less money than you spend).
  2. You do not know if your marketing is good or bad, because you do not mesure it.
  3. Your marketing succeeds (you earn more money than you spend)

For each of these scenarios there’s a simple course of action:

  1. If your marketing fails all the time. Stop and change what you are doing.
  2. If you don’t measure your marketing results thats just stupid, because in todays modern teknology you can messure the return on investment (ROI) in al kind of ways.
  3. If your marketing is working and consistently giving you a positive ROI, then throw in the next gear.


The craziest thing a small business owner can do is seting a “marketing budget”.

By setting a marketing budget you are showing that either your marketing isn’t working and hence it’s a pure expense (i.e. a waste of money). Or you have no idea if its working, and just trowing money at it because you think it is wirking.

If it is the first one you need to set a budget, becaurs you cant have the marketing runing away with your money, but on the other hand. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SPENDING MONEY ON SOMETHING THAT DOS NOT WORK?

If it is the second one you ned to cange things fast. you cant run around spending money on something and you dont know what happens with it. Why spend money on something and dont mesure the result?

If you’re marketing is working and its giving you a positive return on investment, why would you limit your budget? Then it is if you put in mor money, you get even more in return.

This is called money at a discount. If i sel $100 bills for $80 a peace. Would you trow all the money you have at it, or would you say that you have only a limited budget for that?

Thats why everyone should say that they have an unlimited marketing budget.

On concern many have is that they ar worried about being able to meet th demand.

Thats frankly a quite plessent problem to have.

From another point of view, if you have mor demand than product, you have the prfect oppotunity to rize the prices and get higher quality customers.


In the testing phase is the only time you should set a marketing budget. In the testing phase you need to get the opportunity to fail cheap, and fail often to get data for your future campaigns.

Test your headline, your offer, your ad positioning and other variables. Then take away the loosers and bring in the winners for the perfect avertizing campaign.

The post office charges the same for a direct mail campaign that fails, as a direct mail campaigns tha pulls in milions in revenue.

When you have a winner you put the pedal to the floor and then you have the $100 for $80 going in full speed.

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The Corona virus impact on the global economy.

The Corona virus impact on the global economy is massive. Just a week ago my stocks and shares was up 20%. Now they are down almost 20%, and the downward spiral is far from over. This can be a major problem if you have invested money that you do not really afford.

As son as you shall invest in something, the first you should think about is, do I really afford this. If you se a good investment you should always look in to your wallet and se how much do I afford to lose if it kicks you in the ass.

Never put all your money in to the same investment either. Always spread the risk trough a verity of stocks, founds, and shares, and try to have equally much in every place.

Many people se a good investment and put all in on that one. That is not a good idea there some you don’t have anything else to lean on if that one starts to go bad. It’s always best to have something to lean on if something happens.

How much of your salary should be invested.

The common rule of thumb is that you should save at least 10% of your income. You don’t need to save it in an account. You can invest it in stocks and other investments. Of course, it is better if you can save more money, but it is not necessary. The more you save the more you will end up with in the long run.

You can of cause also invest less than 10% if you feel that you don’t have the money to go to 10%. It will of cause give you less in the end, but it is better than nothing, so do what you can do, and if you further down the road feel like you can invest more you do that.

The important thing is that you don’t invest more than you afford. Then you can end up in real financial rubble if the market drops.

Therefore the 10% mark is a good goal to try to make. You have 90% of your salary left to use for bills and rents and food, and I think that is quite adequate number for everyone, if you don’t have a massive house loan or something in that region.


It is always important to diversify your investments. It is therefore I try to have a big verity of different investments. I try to build up a portfolio of stocks. 15 to 20 different companies is a good rule of thumb. Then I have 2 different shares that I put in money to every month. Then I also promote some affiliate programs on internet.

There is a million different investment opportunities that you can get in to. There is the normal ones that you see every day. Stocks, shares, bonds, real estate, and then you have the more unknown ones like: deposits in small finance banks, tax-free bonds and tax saving bonds, opportunity funds FMPs and MIPs, REITS and InvITs.

You can also invest in affiliate programs online like Wealthy Affiliate and/or Legendary Marketer. Thees are programs that gives you a share of their income every time you refer a sale to them trough your special affiliate links. Of cause there is much more work for you with thees program, but the benefits will show after a while. It’s not a get rich overnight program, but that is the same with stocks and shares. It can take many years to get any result from it.


You shall not be in a hurry if you are in to thees kind of markets. It’s a long term deal that will make you financially free when you go to pension. You can of cause do day trading, but that involves a much bigger risk of loosing money in the end. You need to be a really good trader to make any money out of that. I have tried a few times, but it is nothing for me.

I rather do the longtime thing with my stocks and shares, and get the short time thing with affiliate marketing. When I get the affiliate marketing going properly, I have a feeling that the word of mouth will help it along.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing like Wealthy Affiliate and Legendary Marketer is a good complement and can in a time be your only income source to build your stocks and shares from. It will take a time to get them going, sometimes many years before you get any profit from it, but when it starts it will come in a steady stream, and in a few years you can have an own company going with good growth potential.

These two programs is also a terrific start to the affiliate marketing. They teach you everything you need to know about the business and more. It is also not expensive to start if you go for the beginners course. There will be a link lower down that you can click and go and check them out yourself. There is also links in the text to my reviews about the programs.


So to summarize everything. You should have both long and short term investments. Diversify trough many sectors and if we talk stocks, make sure that you have in at least 15 different companies. Then you have spread the risk quite well and you can sleep well during night.

The affiliate marketing will take some time to set up and get going, but when it is up and running it will be quite self going, and you will not have to do so much more than set up an advertising campaign a little bit now and then. That’s the beauty of the affiliate marketing. You need to work really hard for about one year, but then when it starts going you do not need to do so much about it.

That’s about it for me this time.

Of cause if you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below.

Legendary Marketer

Wealthy Affiliate

My start at the Legendary Marketer – A pricey experience

My start at the Legendary Marketer has been a pricey experience, but you also learn a lot from there. It always starts with a free experience in these program’s, but to get further in the training you will always have to pay.

I have tried to find a cheaper way to doe it, but everything actually comes back to Wealthy Affiliate. In Wealthy Affiliate there is not so many extra buy ins that you have to do to continue the training, and if there is any, they certainly not cost $2500 and upwards.

With that being said, Legendary Marketer is a really good program, if you have the money to spend on it. You need to be willing to spend upwards of $5000 plus advertising money to get anywhere with it. It’s not really the best idea to start that way if you are on a tight budget.

Then you are better of starting with the Wealthy Affiliate and we you have the business up and running you can jump in to Legendary Marketer to learn about Affiliate Marketing on a deeper scale.

Beginning the Legendary Experience.

When I, started in Legendary Marketer back in end of May I did not know what to expect. I just saw a huge opportunity in front of me, that I could not resist.

The promise of earning big money will always pull in people from al over the world, and I was one of them.

I started my Free learning by going trough the courses and I came to course No:5. Then I could not go any further before I had contacted my personal adviser that I had been assigned. The personal adviser had to unlock more courses for me.

I contacted the person, and the next 3 courses out of 15 was unlocked. I also got a link to a video with the founder of Legendary Marketer (Dave Sharpe) that was very informative, and in the end there was a special offer that I also dived in to.

The special offer was online courses and classes for $25.000 that I now got offered to me for only $2500, and if I manage to get 12 paying referrals in 24 months I get the $2500 back.

I thought that was a good deal, not knowing how hard it is to get referrals and how much advertising money it’s going to cost me.

Started to promote Legendary Marketer

When I, had bought in to the program I got access to the affiliate program, and I immediately started to go trough the affiliate course, and there was exact step by step videos about how to set up everything, Clickfunnels, AWeber, how to make your own thank you video for your opt in funnel and so on.

Al pages were ready to use, only thing I had to do was changing names and contact information. There was also a ready-made 25 – 30 emails long follow up series that is only to upload to AWeber, and change a title bit so it suited me.

When I, had uploaded this to the famous internet it was time to start advertise.

I found the course that showed me how to set up a Facebook ads campaign, and started to go about that. I found out that it wasn’t so hard to get that up and running, but if I wanted to get anywhere with it I had to spend some money. I might have overdone it a bit, because I saw my savings account go smaller and smaller, and there was not result, so I stopped it after a few months, and now I’m back writing at Wealthy Affiliate again.

Wealthy Affiliate – The less expensive way

Now when I’m back at Wealthy Affiliate I feel that this is a much safer way to go if you have limited founds to spend. I’m certainly not prepared to start taking loans to start advertising on internet for the moment, and that’s what they say is a good idea in Legendary Marketer (many successful people have started their businesses with other peoples money).

I’m not prepared to go that route to get were I want to go with this. An extra income on the side. If you go full company style, and go at it that way, it might be the way to go but if you want a loan for starting a business you also have to prove to the bank that your business is a winning concept, and you need to have a solid business plan to show.

I can’t do that threesome I don’t have any previous experience in this business.

Therefore, I came back to Wealthy Affiliate and start writing blogs again. I only pay 1 membership fee every month of $49, or $359 for yearly plus fees for sites, ant that’s affordable for me.

The thing is

The thing is that Legendary Marketers basic membership is only $33 a month, but then you have to spend a lot more to actually get somewhere.

In Wealthy affiliate you spend $49 a month, but then you don’t have to spend anything else if you don’t want and you have access to everything that they have to offer.

It is quite easy mathematics for me at least, that doesn’t have so much extra money to spend. I go for basic now on Legendary Marketer and I have full membership on Wealthy Affiliate, and I try to promote both program’s trough my blog. That’s as far as I’m willing to go at the moment.


If you have a lot of extra money to spend, and don’t have to turn every dime to get by, Legendary Marketer can be a choice for you, but if you are limited on founds Wealthy Affiliate is the best bet.

After I have tried Legendary Marketer I went back to Wealthy, and I’m happy with that decision. The money it takes to keep promoting Legendary is not worth it for me at the moment, but may bee it will be in the future.

Please if you have any questions. Put them in the comments section below, and I will try to answer them as fast as possible.

Brgds. Fredrik

My first payed advertising campaign – Test campaign

My first payed advertising campaign will bi tested from today. I have never tried this before, but I now will take it on and try a Facebook campaign. Lets se how it goes. I hope it at least brings in some traffic to my site and ultimately gives some conversions.

You never know until you have tried, and if it does not work I have to do it better next time. It is not completely in yet. They have to accept it first, and I have heard that it can be problems some times to get certain things accepted, so we will e what they say.

If you want to have traffic to your site you should do advertising for it, so I was thinking that it is a good idea to start now to get some traffic going to my site and maybe make someone join at least my mailing list.


They did not accept my ad. It said that they do not accept ads that is connected to sites that support Earn Money Fast and MLM stuff. What I know Wealthy Affiliate neither is a Earn Money Fast or a MLM company. I don’t understand how they can get it to that. Probably they only assume something like that without investigating it and just don’t want to deal with it.

Well I don’t care. There are other places to put out ads on that isn’t so hopeless to deal with. I hope I get some traffic from the place I decide to go to next. It will probably give a boost to the traffic if I got this done in a good way, and I will see if I can get some leads and conversions.

The bad thing about this is that I have one less advertising platform to use unless I maybe can get the advert to be more specific about what this business is about in those few words you have in the advert.

Google Ads

I tried Google Ads also and that worked and that worked. I have had 19 kicks on my advert already after one day. Not so impressive because I have had 324 views of the advert, but it is at least something to start of with. Now in the evening when I look again I actually have two email subscribers that is now added to my MailChimp mailing list.

That awesome. Something actually starting to happen with my site. Someone is going in and reading my blog posts. I like it very much. The mailing list is actually the backbone of your whole business. If you have a mailing list you can continue to send out nice offers and updates of your blog to your subscribers.

As they say in Legendary Marketer. If you don’t have an email list, you don’t have a business. And when you have no business there is not going to be any money,

So if you want good business. Start building you list as soon as possible .

What is the next goal

So my next goal. Next goal is of cause to make referrals to my site. Then I probably have to make more ads to build more traffic to the site. More ads cost more money, and I have to think about the spending more money part because I don’t have a lot of those for the moment.

But now when Wealthy Affiliate maybe start bringing in some money there is some to spend on ads, so I’m not too worried about that. The way I se it is that if a business is braking even after the first six months in business it has been a good half year. You can’t expect a business to make plus figures after the first month.

There is always a startup time in a company, and you are the one that is in charge of how long it is. If you work hard and never give up, it will pay you back in the future.

My first referrals

I just went in to my Wealthy Affiliate page and saw that I have three referrals to the program. That is thanks to the ad I put out two days ago. That’s not much, but you have to think about that I have just started with this adventure, and it is the first ad that I have made and put out there, and it is obviously working.

It is hard to be a marketer. You have to work for your referrals every day. Write posts, looking at statistics, writing to new affiliates that you have referred, make ads, coming up with new headlines. It is easily come up to 4-5 hours a day. Especially if you are a member of more than one affiliate marketing site.

It is also important to educate your self in affiliate marketing. Almost every day I look in to new videos and educational information about how to do, what to write, how to write, where to put ads, how to do this and that. It is a constant work in progress.


This shows that paid ads is converting traffic and sales, if you do them right. I have some learning to do to get it optimized, but I will certainly run paid ads again soon. Because I have not got any income yet, I will not run them continuously, but every other week from now for 50$ I can handle for sure.

The main goal for my first paid ad was to test it out and get a starting point that I can refine later on. You always have to improve on stuff, and if I improve from this it is going to be awesome. This ad was not meant to be anything other than se if I get something out of it, and it actually worked, so I’m really glad for that. Now its only to continue on and see if it can get any better from here forwards.

You have to spend money to earn money as I have said in some earlier blogs, and that is actually true.

So, as usual. If you have any questions. Write them in the comments section below.

20.05.2019 Day in my life

20.05.2019 Day in my life. This is what’s going on today. Some things I have already done when I’m writing this and some things will be done later in the day. I have joined a new affiliate marketing program, and that I will write a little later on in the post, bot now in the beginning it is only going to be about my daily stuff that has to be done.

I have to remember to book a flight from here in Mariehamn to Stockholm next Monday also. Next Monday this time I’m preparing to go to my sailors work again, so of cause this week I’m going to concentrate on getting as much Wealthy Affiliate and the other affiliate programs stuff done as possible. Onboard I’m a little restricted in time, so that’s why. You have to take the opportunity when it’s given, and that is what I’m going to do.

Motorcycle license

I’m trying to upgrade my driving license with motorcycle also now. I thought it was going to be easy to drive motorcycle, but it isn’t. I have been driving car for 20 years, so I was thinking that this is a piece of cake, but I took the theoretical traffic rules test, and I just and just passed it.

I just came home from a driving lesson with my motorcycle driving teacher, and I’m totally soaked in wet. It’s hard to drive a motorcycle, especially when you are not used to it. You are so thence all the time when its something new, and when you have other trafficants around you in an unusual situation it can be a little bit nerve wrecking .

On Wednesday i have my driving test, and then they are going to look if I’m a safe motorcycle driver in the traffic, and then their is some braking tests, and driving around cones in very slow speed. I hope i manage it, because I don’t want to start over when I come home from work again.

Doing some Wealthy Affiliate stuff

I’m trying to be more active in the chat and soon, but it feels like I don’t have enough experience yet to give any good advice regarding different questions that people ask for. I’m have also always been a little afraid to ask questions because I always feel like I am stupid for not knowing this or that. This has always been my weakness.

This is now my thirteenth blog post this month, and I’m feeling that I have got more used to writing now. I constantly come up with new stuff to write about. If I don’t have anything for the moment, I can just write about my day, like now. I feel like it is more beneficial to come up with something every day, and write about it than just don’t write anything at all when you can’t com up with an idea.

Writing content is the cornerstone of the affiliate marketing if I’m not wrong, and it does not need to be revenue based every day of the year.

Going back ti the CrossFit box again

I train CrossFitt five times a week for the moment. I try to reduce the spare tire around my belly that I have acquired during the years. I have been going to normal gym’s before, but I usually get bored after a while and stop going there.

The difference with CrossFit is that there are constant changes. It’s not the same monotone exercises every day, like in a normal gym. You are also working out in groups so there is always people chairing you on when it starts to get heavy. It is usually two parts of the training. The strength part, where you do normal training like Squats, bench press or dead lifts, and the Metcon (Metabolic conditioning) part where you are doing for example burpies and box jumps.

The other reason that I go there is that my sister owns the box, so I feel kind of obligated to be a member there. Lol.

If you have your ways by Mariehamn on the Åland island, in Finland and are a CrossFit fanatic you should drop by the box.

Legendary Marketer

Thanks to my fellow Finnish Wealthy Affiliate member Roope Kiuttu I found a new Affiliate course I found Legendary Marketer. They have a 15-day free challenge that Iäm currently participaitng in. I am already on day 3 in the program, and I must say it is very easy to follow.

It is mostly video courses where the founder explains what you should do. After the video, there is for or five assignments that you have to do to continue to next day.

I will also after a few day’s have a One-On-One cal with my signed adviser to make up a business plan. I am not so experienced in this field, so I have no idea what I should prepare or expect from that, but I think it will be good. It can’t be anything bad at least. Lol


Every day is a new day with new challenges. The training was really good, but really hard today, but I have learned that sometimes that doesn’t feel so good at the moment will make you better. Same with this affiliate marketing business. One day it might feel like you want to quit, but if you dig in and do the work eater way it will feel much better afterwards, and the next day it might feel much better again.

In middle school one of my teachers told me that it will be nothing of me and I was hopeless in school. That only made me what to show her that I can do anything in the world, and now I have an unlimited ships captains license and I will try to do some pilot’s exemption exams in the near future. I also want to succeed in affiliate marketing, because I have no plans to work at sea my whole life

Thats a day’s story in my life. It doesn’t happen much here during the day’s, but it is at least something.

And as usual. If you have any questions. Please write them in the comments section below.

Small business classes online free – The way to go

Small business classes online free. If you are looking for this, you have come to the right place. This is more going to be written about small business classes for online business, but maybe it is applicable if you have a non online business as well.

A lot of small business owners know their fields like the back of their hand, but there can be a few gaps in the marketing skills. That’s okay because you can find all kinds of training for this on the internet.

In this day and age the online world is full of information and courses that shows you haw to do. To make it easy I here have one course that is well worth its price if you are in to doing business online.

Click the link below to get started. It is totally free to register, and you get the first 7 classes for free.

Wealthy Affiliate

At wealthy affiliate you will get the first 7 classes in the Online Entrepreneurs Certificate for free if you are a starter member. If you select to go premium membership you will pay $19 for the first premium month and after that it is $49 every month after that. You can also pay yearly membership fee and pay $359 for a whole year at the time. With yearly, you will save $229 compared to the monthly membership.

Even if you go for the monthly $49 it is well worth the money, because you get hold of over thousand hours of training videos and live seminars and courses. If you take the Online Entrepreneurs certification you will be able to start building your own homepage and your own brand in minutes after you have signed up. It’s that easy to get started, and as I said. If you go paid membership you get access to everything the site has to offer.

I have gone this way

This is the way I started with online marketing. I found it very easy to understand how to do it. Wealthy Affiliate has so much training and how to do videos that it is hard to keep up some times, and if there is something that you do not understand, you can always ask others in Wealthy Affiliate trough the live chat or the forum inside the platform.

In Wealthy Affiliate you are never alone. There is always someone that can answer your questions, and you can also ask the founders of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle and Carson) that both has over 10 years experience in the online marketing/affiliate marketing business.

I am now 4 months in to this adventure, and i have still many, many hours of training to plow trough to get this first step in the education done. The thing everybody has to understand is that you will never be fully educated. That applies to everything in life.


Only the beginning

What everybody has to understand is that this is only the beginning. After you have gone through this you will have a solid foundation, but you still have to go out there in the internet jungle and search for more information. That’s where you come in to the picture again.

You can then start making your own education videos or online courses. In Wealthy Affiliate they actually pay you money if you find something that is not included in the training and you make a lesson in WA about it. It is not only the referral business you can earn money out of in WA. Also by referring people to the side programs like Jaaxy you can earn some referral income.

Many of the people that starts with the Wealthy Affiliate are succeeding in one way or another. You do not need to promote WA either. You can take some topic that you care about and start blogging and make money out of referral links connected to that. And remember. All topics are good topics.


Takes time

Okay, so Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich overnight type of program. Here they actually tell you how you can be financially free after a few years if you work hard on it. It is not an easy job to write blogs and come up with new topics every day of the week. Sometimes you have to bring out your imagination.

There is also the research part of the work. You have to sit many hours researching topics, keywords, searching for pictures. Then when you have started writing you have to add links, banners, find sources of information for the topic, so there is some weight behind it. At least I don’t want to write something true and try to lure people into stuff with false marketing and bad information.

I don’t like that kind of style, that you try to get people to sign up only to get money out of them. No one should force anyone in to something. It should be done out of own free will.



The difference with this program compared to many other programs out there is that this is not a make a million overnight program. Sure. You can surely do a million sometime in the future, but that will be some time five to six years from now if you work extremely hard and put in the hours every day. As I have said in some earlier posts. You will work your ass of for a long time, but eventually it will start to pay off.

I usually devote between two and for hours every day to this, but I know that there is people out there that puts in eight to ten hours every day to get maximum revenue. I can’t do that because I have an other job to manage as well. That job takes up most of the days for me, so I probably are between two to tree hours a day on this journey.

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Making money as blogger

How much money do bloggers make. Many bloggers out there that work between 10-30 hours a week are able to make over 200,000$ in yearly income. There is also a smaller group of bloggers that makes millions every year and work less than 10 hours a week. That’s of cause bloggers that ave had their blogs for many years and have multiple income streams to their blogs.

But as a normal blogger it is quite easy to make an extra 500$ – 2000$ a month in your first year. Then i year 2, 3, 4 and 5 you can significantly increase your monthly income from your blog. Alright. Now we start talking about the good stuff. In the following paragraph’s I will explain how to make money and how much you can make by writing blog posts on your own blog. It is not a huge science.

How much money can you make blogging

How much money you can make does depend on how much traffic you get to your site. It is not far to say that you can make somewhere between 25 and 50,000$ in your first year of blogging. Then around 100,000$ year 2, 250,000$ year 3 and 500,000$+ year 4. If you continue to work on your blog and building your traffic, the income will continue to grow all the time. The good thing about blogging is that you can do it from everywhere. You only need a laptop and an internet connection.

Some bloggers that make huge money does actually not have very small audiences. They just know their audience very well and maximize their earnings per page view and email subscribers. Most bloggers measure earnings by page view and earning per email subscriber monthly. If you are a busy man/woman it also works with every other month or quarterly. It doesn’t mater as long as you keep track of your income in some way.

Traffic (page view monetization)

0,01$ to 0,25$ per page view in many niche’s is not unrealistic across display and affiliate ads. So if you have 1,000 page views per month you will earn 10$-25$ per month, and that covers the cost of actually running a blog. If you on the other hand have 100,000 page views per month you will earn 1000$-25,000$ a month on your blog. The most realistic is that you will earn 0,02$-0,05$ per page view . The more people your blog reaches the more money you can make.

Also the more time you put in to blogging, the more the traffic will grow, and the email list will also grow. Blogging is definitely not easy. One of the best things is that when your Google traffic grows over time, and your audience grows, you can make more and more money each year. Here is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in. SEO is what is making the money in the long run, because traffic means money.

Email list (per email subscriber monetization)

The email list is the most important asset you have as a blogger. This is your followers, crew, audience. They are the ones that is coming back and reading your posts every time you write a new one. Thees people is the ones that you build enough trust with so they come back and ultimately buy something or click on your ads. While you will make some money with the links and ads, your biggest asset is your email list. The biggest bloggers out there is making between 1$-5$ per email subscriber per month, so if you have 10,000 subscribers you can make up to 50,000$ in revenue.

That’s a really extreme example, and normally the number is between 1$-3$ per email subscriber per month. So start building your email list as soon as you start building your blog. Your email list is your biggest asset in the world of online money making and blogging. This is the one that will bring in the big money.

Your blog niche matters a lot

The niche you are blogging about is a large factor in how much money you can make. If you are blogging about used books for example you could probably only make money out of it if you sell them on your website, if you don’t sell expensive in-demand books of cause. A good topic to blog about is money. Then it is much easier to make some money out of your blog, because the affiliate commissions is larger, and you can sell stuff for more money.

Pick a niche that you are really interested in, and you can make money out of. You can make money in almost any niche, but some are more profitable than others. Some bloggers are able to combine multiple niche’s in the same blog, to maximize monetization opportunities.

Most profitable blogging niche’s

  1. Money/Insurance

  2. Product Reviews

  3. Travel

  4. Fashion

  5. Decorating

Least profitable blogging niche’s

  1. Music

  2. General news/Politics

  3. Cooking/Gardening

  4. Home Improvement

  5. Toys/Games

There is the five best and the five worst niche’s revenue wise.

How to make money blogging

You need to think of your blog as a platform, not just a blog. A big difference between million dollar and amateur bloggers is that their view their blog as a platform, meaning that they use it to test and upscale money making ideas. They use it to connect with people and make money in as many different ways as possible. The more ways you can make money on your blog, the more money you are going to make. The experience you get from connecting with other bloggers and try to monetize your blog the more ways you will find to monetize it. Over time you can grow your blog in to a really profitable business that suits your lifestyle.


I am still in the beginning of my blogging career, and it will probably take a few months before I start to see any results from my efforts. It is no question about that it is a hard job, and much research every time you want to write something new on the blog, but it will be worth it in the future.

If you want some help along the way, here is a review about a site that have helped many to succeed in the blogging and reviews business. Wealthy Affiliate

And as usual. If you have any questions. Pleas feel free to post them in the comments section below.