Now on youtube also

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night.

I’m just here to announce that I have just started uploading some content on my YouTube Chanel. It will probably not be the best content in the world directly , but it will be better as it goes.

If you want to check it out it is following address: @fredriklindqvist3139

Also if you want to take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate BLACK FRIDAY discounts, it is still 23 hours left to enroll. You just have to register on Wealthy Affiliate and then use coupon code:blackfriday2022ext to get discounts on membership.

Its important to notice that it is completely free to register and get started.

Here is link to register at Wealthy Affiliate

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Aaand hello again

Had a few days break again. Have been busy with my work as a seafarer. At least we have some kind of internet on board. It is not good, but it works.

It is hard to concentrate on the writing when you have a thousand other things on your mind. When you also get tired because of late evenings and early mornings all the time, it affects your ability to work on anything else.

But now I have a few days with a little bit slack, so I was thinking I could write something here then, so place stay tuned for some more content coming in the coming days.

And, remember to check around on this page for interesting reviews and other stuff.


Our cat makes it to the newspapers.

The other day our cat (Findus) was locked in to a store nearby where we live after closing time for the third time since we moved there.

He is always out on adventures, and sometimes we find him stuck seven meters up in treas, and we have to call fire department or specialized treeklimbers to get him down.

So I guess the newspapers had heard so much about this yellow and white cat that they had to come and see what it is all about.

We have tried to keep him as an indoor cat to prevent this to happen, but then he starts to get so restless that he scratches the interior to pieces, so it was not possible. We had to let him out again. It is not possible to keep a cat inside that has started to go out from early age.

Since a few days he has his own Facebook page (Fressen Findus Äventyr), and he is steadily growing a fan base, so if you want you can go and check it out.


Building on it again.

Its time to start writing. Writing almost every day is the key to traffic. Consistency is everything in affiliate marketing, and that means that you have to post, post and post.

It is not easy when you also have a normal job, and you do not have to write every day, but most of the days in the week is beneficial, if search engines shall see that it is an active page.

Just for me it will be hard to get something out on Mondays now when I am on work, but every other day there is time enough to write something to keep it running.

I will try to get my YouTube page up and running again soon as well. It is a little hard, because I`m not very good at being on camera, but I guess it is learning by doing with that also, as many other things in life.

The thing with my YouTube page is that I had some stuff there, but then I thought it was stupid, so I took all clips away and wanted to start over with it. But for some reason it never happened. There is the same as with blogs and homepages.

You have to be posting content all the time to get views.

So in the end, all this comes back to one thing. Consistency and never give up.

And one other thing. Don’t do like me and start the affiliate journey, and then be away for a few years. Keep on working all the time, and it will be profitable.

And look trough my page and check if you find something interesting.


The Reinvest24

I have just started investing on Reinvest24 4 months ago with 100€ a month, with is not much in the short run. I only made 4,60€ in profit, but if you look at it in a longer perspective like 25 years, if you reinvest the profits you earn and ad 100€ every month, your account can be almost 400.000€ big, and have a cash flow of over 4000€ a month.

After 25 years I will be in pension, therefore I se it more like a pension investment than an investment for shorter time.

Of cause where I live we have to pay 30% tax on investment gains, so that I have to take in to account when I calculate the earnings, but it is still a considerable amount of money.

If you then think that you can start put in more every month because of better salary or something like that, it can start going against really big amounts of money.

For example if you start with 100€ and then ad 500€ every month, your portfolio size could be 1,350.000 minus 30% tax, after 25 years. That’s not so shabby I think.

Of cause there is no guarantees when you deal with investments, but I think that the real-estate market is the most reliable one for doing investments in.

If you want to take a look at my review of Reinvest24 you can follow the link bellow



Reinvest24 makes it easy to invest in real-estate in 2022


  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Returns:4/5
  • Investment availability3/5
  • Website features: 4/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5
  • Platform strength3/5

Investment types available

  • Property Investment
  • Development loans
  • Loan characteristics
  • 9-12 month maturities
  • Euro only
  • 3 countries.

Website and investment product features

  • Manual selection
  • 4 languages
  • Secondary market

What is ReInvest24? How does it work?

ReInvest24 is offering investors the opportunity to buy shares in residential and commercial properties in Estonia and Latvia Moldova and Spain. This makes investors have exposure to growth in property prices in these regions, without having the problem of actually being a landlord. ReInvest24 always tyes to buy propertys under market value, that can generate strong rental incomes. In other words, the ReInvest24 team will find properties that needs renovations or minor upgrades. These works are done once the property is bought. This can add much more value to the property than the cost of  the works.

The ReInvest24 team have been very successful so far in getting profitable exits for their investors. 12 properties have been exited, with average IRRs (returns) of around 15%, and as high as 24%. That is an proper result. Other projects is held on the Reinvest24 platform for years. ReInvest24 has launched a secondary market, which is allowing investors to buy and sell shares in these long term projects.

So, how does ReInvest24 make money? For crowdfunded property investments, ReInvest24 charges a fee of 1% on new investments. It then receives a management fee of up to 10% on the rental income generated. There are no exit or success fees. Overall we think the fee levels are very reasonable, particularly now that the new investment fee has been reduced from 2% to 1%.

ReInvest24 is led by Tanel Orro, who has a background in asset management.. He has a small team that operates the platform, and he works with a real estate consultancy to provide additional expertise and management capabilities.

The early projects on ReInvest24 were in Estonia and Latvia, and the site has now expanded into Moldova and Spain. It is now offering development project loans, with typical interest rates of 13-15%.

What I like

  • Very good record so far
  • Management team provides good communication and are transparent
  • Access to property ownership without being a landlord
  • Platform adds value for investors through asset management activities
  • Real estate markets are really attractive
  • High rental yields available
  • Fees are reasonable
  • No witholding taxes are deducted
  • Secondary market has plenty of opportunitys

What I don’t like

  • Small number of investment opportunities currently available in the primary market
  • The amount and quality of information provided about the development loans is insufficient

Risk and return profile

The investment cases offered by ReInvest24 have a slightlydifferent risk and return profile. The investments have more downside risk (if values fall) but obviously they also have the potential of generating strong returns, which would come from rental income plus property price appreciation.

The ReInvest24 team performs proper research before selecting properties. This covers location, liquidity, price, existing contracts, development options, financing, visual appeal, limitations, market potential and rental yield.

One notable aspect of the baltic real estate market is that rental yields are significantly higher than in Western Europe. Most of the rental yields generated by ReInvest24 properties have been in the region of 6-9%, which is substantially higher than available in most other European countries.

Prices have tended to be very stable, growing very consistently at around 3% pa for the last 10 years. Housing prices are inexpensive when compared to other European countries, but more importantly, prices are low relative to typical local income levels too. This should make the housing market at lower risk of a downturn than in many other European markets.

ReInvest24 is also offering property development loans at yields of 13-15%. While the interest rates are high, I feel that the quality and quantity of information provided on the site to potential investors could be significantly improved. At the moment it seems that  there is not enough information available that would allow sophisticated investors to make an informed decision on whether to invest. I would be cautious about the development loans until this is improved.

Development finance can be risky and I`m also not sure if ReInvest24 has enough experience and expertise to underwrite and manage these types of loans, particularly in foreign locations such as Moldova.

Conclusions on ReInvest24

I think the most compelling types of opportunities available at ReInvest24 are those which the team can demonstrate an excellent track record. That means crowdfunded property investments into residential properties in Estonia, Latvia, Moldova and Spain. ReInvest24 can add a lot of value for its investors through refurbishment activity, careful property selection and in the negotiation of purchase and sale prices.

In the current economic environment I would be more cautious about the commercial real estate sector as there is uncertainty over future demand levels for office space and physical retail. It feels like there is more downside risk than upside potential in these sectors currently.

I´m also cautious about the development loans listed on the site. Hopefully the team at ReInvest24 can prove me wrong, develop a track record, and improve the analysis / information provided to investors on future deals.

Overall, I think ReInvest24 property investments could be a good opportunity for investors to diversify their investment portfolios, and generate strong returns. It is one of the few sites available that allows European investors to invest in real estate without the considerable time and costs associated with owning a property directly and is worth consideration.

Klick here to try it out .


Back on the writing again


I’m back at it again to write some new reviews and blogs here on my page. I have a few new affiliate programs that I`m going to make reviews about, and blogs to write.

It was a long time since I wrote something here, but now I`m back in action again, so I hope you stay tuned for what’s to come.

The firs two programs I`m going to share with you is mainly about investing. One is about investing in property, and the other one is about investing in bitcoin and other virtual currency.

The main thing about these two programs is that it is longtime investments, so for someone like me it is more like a pension fund than a make money right now thing. 10-20 years is about the time you need for these to be giving a good profit.

They are also affiliate programs, so you can also earn money by referring other persons to them.

But I`m not going to mention their names yet. You will se what’s going on when the reviews are coming up.

Stay tuned for the reviews, and you will se.


SEO Keyword Search – Is It Realy Needed

SEO Keyword Search is actually very much-needed. If you want to grow your business to the next level you need to search for the right keywords that people actually are using. It is also a crucial way to get the search engines to rank your page as high as possible.

It is not only the head line that has to be optimized. When you have got an SEO optimized head line you have to write something that is actually relevant to the head line under it. If the under text is not relevant to the head line your blog post will not rank very high either.

Here is where the Jaaxy SEO Keyword Search tool is coming in to the game. Jaaxy is one of the leading if not the best SEO keyword search and research tools on the market. Here you can search for al the keywords you can think of, and find the best for optimizing your rankings in the search engines.

Jaaxy has helped me to get proper head lines for my blogs and reviews al the time, and I start to see the result of it in the rankings now. I really like it.

In the Jaaxy SEO Keyword Search tool you can se the average amount of searches per month, visitors to website if you active first page ranking, number of competing websites for that keyword, keyword quality indicator, SEO score according to traffic competition and availability of domains related to the keyword.

The good thing about the Jaaxy SEO Keyword Search tool is that is included if you are a paying member of the Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate marketing program. Then you only pay $49 a month for Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate training, SiteRubix Wordpress site builder and Jaaxy SEO Keyword Search tool. That is a bargain that at least I could not refuse.

So with other words. If you become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate, you have a site builder and a SEO Keyword Search tool for free. That`s why you should go and take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. Their SEO Keyword Search tool is really good, and has been proven and got excellent results and reviews from al around the world.

I actually used Jaaxy SEO Keyword Search tool to come up with this headline, and let`s see if it works. I will post the results in the comments section below after new year, and we will see how it has developed during Christmas.

Being your own boss – working from home

Being your own boss, working from your home office is a very good thing these days when we have the Covid virus hanging around every corner.

I work on board a ship that does not go tho the country (Finland) that I live in. We sail between Belgium and England, so I have to fly every time I go to work.

That is a risk I take every time I go to work. I fly there and back 6 times a year, with one plane change and a hotel stay, and that is about 24 different flights every year. It is a big risk of infection.

The good thing is that the airline company I use has a compulsory face mask policy on al their flights, and the company I work for supply us with face masks and sanitation liquids for the travel.

Work from home

Working from home does not really work when you are having a job navigating and loading a ship. It may be something coming up in the future, but I think that has still a long way to go.

It is a much safer way of working if you could work from home, and that’s what I`m trying to get started with. I have two programs that I`m currently working with, and those I´m going to list down under so you also can take a look.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a well-known affiliate program that has the most comprehensive information about affiliate marketing. There are courses, blogs, chat function and online seminars that you can attend to get information, and ask questions about how you should do certain things, and it is constantly updated according to how the online search engines behave and how people are searching in the search engines.

The good thing with Wealthy Affiliate is that you can register for free, and you can start your Online Entrepreneurs Certification (OEC) for free. There is not many programs that do that, so I strongly recommend you to start that journey if you in the future want to work from home, and be your own boss.

Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is also a well-known affiliate course program that has a free starter course that you can attend. It will cost you about the same if you go for the monthly membership, so it is no big costs involved here.

This affiliate learning database is built up with short education films about how you should go about the affiliate business.

The only thing that is not good with this one is that you have to continue up the ladder by purchaising the next level one wards and upwards. If you want to cash in when one of your referrals is buying one of the next levels, you also have to had purchased this level before him.

That’s why I am a title bit skeptical to this one, but if you manage to climb the ladder, you may cash in some big money.

So what do I reccomend

I recommend that you first start with the Wealthy Affiliate and learn the trade. Then if you want to build up your business you can continue and start working with Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is much more expensive in the end, and you have to have built up a good bank account to start with all advertising that is involved with it.

To end this I want you to check out my Facebook and Instagram Pages and subscribe to always get the latest information.

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Good morningladys and gentlemen

Good morning ladys and gentlemen. It is a long time since I have ben here writing now, but it has to be a change to that.

First i have to take a cup of coffe and for that I use my new coffe mashine that I have bought.

It is a Melitta Caffeo Solo that is an al in one with grinder built in. It makes supriseingly good coffe for such a simple mashine. Link to Amazon if you click on the picture below.

Extremely bussy

For the last year I have been extremely bussy trying to get all my certifficates up to date for my day to day work. I have been studying almost every day, but I made it. I now have an Pilots Exemtion Number for Zeebrugge, Belgium, and I managed to get myself an Dutch captains licence.

Now It feels like there is nothing I cant accomplish if I put my head in to it, and that is what I`m going to ride on with this affiliate marketing business also.

If I go for it for one year and make posts consistently, I will succeed, and that is what you should do also.

Consistency is the key

The key to success in the blogg/webpage affiliate business is consistecy. You need to post bloggs and/or rewievs of products and services each and every day to get the stuff rolling in the right direction. It does not go by it self. For example; I have not had time now for almost a year to do anything with this site, and it has not gon anywhere.

I have got some more followers on my facebook page, but I have not made any posts there. I bet there should be many more followers if I would have done something there.

Dont start too many things at the same time

I always have had the problem that I start to many things at the same time. I start this and that and then it becomes too much to handle.

Start with one thing and make it work before you start working on the next project, I think is a good way of going about it. Dont start building homepages and Youtube channels and forex trading and online shops at the same time. You will find your self in a mess that you cant handle in the end.

That is exactly what I did, and on topp of that I had my studdies.

So what is the conclusion of this

Start your morning at a nice and easy tempo. Brew your self a cup of coffee and think about what you wat to accomplish today.

Dont think that it ia a make money fast thing you are starting up.

Dont start too many things at the same time.

And ofcause, have fun with it.

If you want to follow me on Facebook or Instagram, here under you have the links to my pages. See you next time, and remember. Take it in your own pace.

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