A new story has begun. Hello again. I have now

A new story has begun.

Hello again. I have now started a new chapter in my affiliate business. I joined the SFI affiliate program, with all its following programs. My first impression is that there is a lot of things to do. The biggest problem with the SFI program I can se after one day of using it is that all stuff can be quite confusing, because there is a lot to do to get started. So this is not a review. It’s a blog about what a normal guy like me doing besides trying to master affiliate marketing.

Working at sea

My normal job is on a cargo ship. Here I work as a chief officer. To make it short, I am the logistics and maintenance guy on board the ship. I am in charge of the cargo operation and calculate the stability of the ship. It is quite nice to work on a ship. It is like a small community of its own. We are 15 persons working together to get the ship with its cargo from point A to point B to deliver the cargo. Mostly stuff that people use in everyday life.

Why affiliate marketing

So today is my 1 month anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate, and yesterday I started my membership with SFI. So why am I so in to affiliate marketing. I`m not even good at writing. I have tried out the business before, but it did not really work out, but now I was thinking, why not if I really put in a few hours every night. Why shouldn’t it work? It has worked for thousands of other persons.

It`s not an easy task

Yes. It`s not an easy task. You constantly have to come up with new content, reviews/blog posts to your web pages. Every day there has to be something new on one of your pages to keep them in good shape on Google. The focus is and will always be on financial freedom, and this time I`m pretty sure I will make it. It can’t be so hard if you really put your back in to it.

The conclusion

The conclusion to this story is that I have just started this affiliate marketing journey, but this time I will not give up. I will continue on working on my content and slowly but steadily get this business up and running. It will take a while. They say that it can take up to 6 months before you see your first commission, but it will be worth the wait.

See you next time.


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