20.05.2019 Day in my life

20.05.2019 Day in my life. This is what’s going on today. Some things I have already done when I’m writing this and some things will be done later in the day. I have joined a new affiliate marketing program, and that I will write a little later on in the post, bot now in the beginning it is only going to be about my daily stuff that has to be done.

I have to remember to book a flight from here in Mariehamn to Stockholm next Monday also. Next Monday this time I’m preparing to go to my sailors work again, so of cause this week I’m going to concentrate on getting as much Wealthy Affiliate and the other affiliate programs stuff done as possible. Onboard I’m a little restricted in time, so that’s why. You have to take the opportunity when it’s given, and that is what I’m going to do.

Motorcycle license

I’m trying to upgrade my driving license with motorcycle also now. I thought it was going to be easy to drive motorcycle, but it isn’t. I have been driving car for 20 years, so I was thinking that this is a piece of cake, but I took the theoretical traffic rules test, and I just and just passed it.

I just came home from a driving lesson with my motorcycle driving teacher, and I’m totally soaked in wet. It’s hard to drive a motorcycle, especially when you are not used to it. You are so thence all the time when its something new, and when you have other trafficants around you in an unusual situation it can be a little bit nerve wrecking .

On Wednesday i have my driving test, and then they are going to look if I’m a safe motorcycle driver in the traffic, and then their is some braking tests, and driving around cones in very slow speed. I hope i manage it, because I don’t want to start over when I come home from work again.

Doing some Wealthy Affiliate stuff

I’m trying to be more active in the chat and soon, but it feels like I don’t have enough experience yet to give any good advice regarding different questions that people ask for. I’m have also always been a little afraid to ask questions because I always feel like I am stupid for not knowing this or that. This has always been my weakness.

This is now my thirteenth blog post this month, and I’m feeling that I have got more used to writing now. I constantly come up with new stuff to write about. If I don’t have anything for the moment, I can just write about my day, like now. I feel like it is more beneficial to come up with something every day, and write about it than just don’t write anything at all when you can’t com up with an idea.

Writing content is the cornerstone of the affiliate marketing if I’m not wrong, and it does not need to be revenue based every day of the year.

Going back ti the CrossFit box again

I train CrossFitt five times a week for the moment. I try to reduce the spare tire around my belly that I have acquired during the years. I have been going to normal gym’s before, but I usually get bored after a while and stop going there.

The difference with CrossFit is that there are constant changes. It’s not the same monotone exercises every day, like in a normal gym. You are also working out in groups so there is always people chairing you on when it starts to get heavy. It is usually two parts of the training. The strength part, where you do normal training like Squats, bench press or dead lifts, and the Metcon (Metabolic conditioning) part where you are doing for example burpies and box jumps.

The other reason that I go there is that my sister owns the box, so I feel kind of obligated to be a member there. Lol.

If you have your ways by Mariehamn on the Åland island, in Finland and are a CrossFit fanatic you should drop by the box.

Legendary Marketer

Thanks to my fellow Finnish Wealthy Affiliate member Roope Kiuttu I found a new Affiliate course I found Legendary Marketer. They have a 15-day free challenge that Iäm currently participaitng in. I am already on day 3 in the program, and I must say it is very easy to follow.

It is mostly video courses where the founder explains what you should do. After the video, there is for or five assignments that you have to do to continue to next day.

I will also after a few day’s have a One-On-One cal with my signed adviser to make up a business plan. I am not so experienced in this field, so I have no idea what I should prepare or expect from that, but I think it will be good. It can’t be anything bad at least. Lol


Every day is a new day with new challenges. The training was really good, but really hard today, but I have learned that sometimes that doesn’t feel so good at the moment will make you better. Same with this affiliate marketing business. One day it might feel like you want to quit, but if you dig in and do the work eater way it will feel much better afterwards, and the next day it might feel much better again.

In middle school one of my teachers told me that it will be nothing of me and I was hopeless in school. That only made me what to show her that I can do anything in the world, and now I have an unlimited ships captains license and I will try to do some pilot’s exemption exams in the near future. I also want to succeed in affiliate marketing, because I have no plans to work at sea my whole life

Thats a day’s story in my life. It doesn’t happen much here during the day’s, but it is at least something.

And as usual. If you have any questions. Please write them in the comments section below.

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